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I cannot login
Error: Version Mismatch
Your game version is not the latest one. Make sure that your game is up-to-date to the latest version. You may need to restart Steam to get the latest update.

Error: Your platform service is not initialized
Restart your Steam and game client. If it is still happening, there can be an issue with Steam servers. Please try again after some time.

Error: Could not get access from your platform service
This means Steam server responded with a failure. Usually trying again after couple of seconds works. We are planning to improve authentication to tolerate issues on Steam side.

Error: Could not destroy your old session
This means there is an issue on our side. We monitor and fix issues causing this problem. If you are still unable to login after 15 minutes, please send me a message here with a link to your Steam profile.

Error: Could not receive login result from server
This means there is an issue on our side. If you are still unable to login after 15 minutes, please send me a message here with a link to your Steam profile.

Infinite loading on Login
Please try restarting your client. If it is still happening, follow steps given in the below issue, inside Troubleshooting login issues spoiler.

Login Failed (with an empty message box)
This means that your client could not communicate with our servers. Please make sure that your connection is fine and game client isn't blocked by your firewall or anti-virus. If it is still happening, please check following:
Please try following these steps to help us solve the issue:
  1. Make sure that you are on correct branch on Steam.
    • If you have not changed your branch as explained here you should be on correct branch. Please check if client is up to date.
    • If you have changed your branch, make sure you are either on default (NONE option) or latest version branch. MP servers for Beta branch are opened only for testing purposes.
  2. Make sure you have installed required dependencies.
  3. Try verifying game files.
  4. Make sure that you have updated your Windows to latest version. Also if you are using Windows 7 make sure to install Platform update for Windows 7.
  5. Make sure that your anti-virus is not blocking the game client.
  6. Make sure that your firewall (and your router firewall) is not blocking the game client.
If you are still having an issue after following these steps, please send me a message here with following information:
  • Which branch are you on on Steam?
  • What is your windows version? Follow these steps to learn your Windows version.
  • Are you using an anti-virus? If so which one?
  • Are you using a firewall? If so which one?
  • Are you using a VPN? If so which one?
  • Are you on a public network like a university network?
  • When did this start to happen? Please provide patch version if you can.

I have issues with BattlEye
I cannot install BattlEye
Please try following these steps:
  1. Locate BattlEye folder inside game folders. It is usually inside
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client
    You may have a different path depending on your Steam installation/preferences.
  2. Run Uninstall_BattlEye file by double-clicking
  3. Delete following folder if it exists
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\BattlEye
  4. Run Install_BattlEye file by double-clicking

BattlEye Launcher says some files are blocked
As long as your client does not crash, you can ignore this. Usually, updating and/or restarting your computer resolves the issue.

I have other issues
Please check BattlEye Support.

Queue wait times are too long
There are several issues that can affect queue times. We are investigating them as they occur and fixes to some are in testing phase at the moment. If queue takes unusually long, please check below before reporting.

I am searching for a Siege game
Please note that Siege game mode requires a minimum of 60 players.

I am part of 6-person party
Currently, 6-person parties are matched with other 6-person parties. If they can't be matched in 3 minutes, they can get matched with smaller parties or solo players. If you are in a 6-person party and queue times taking longer than usual, there may not be a suitable party to match you.

I cannot get matched while others keep getting matched
If there aren't many players searching with your criteria, there is a slight chance that it is not possible to match due to party sizes. This has higher chance of happening if you are member of a party. If you think that this is not the case, please send me a message here with a link to your steam profile.

None of those explain my situation
Please check Server & Network Related Issues forum to see if there is a report and comment on that post if there is one instead of creating a post. If there isn't any, please create a post and share your search criteria. Note that I regularly check forums for issues even though I may not post an answer to them all.

I am disconnected from server
Message: Server not responding / Server crashed
Game server has crashed.

Message: Your connection with the server timed out
This means that there is a problem with your connection to server. If you are disconnected from the game even before the Warm-up starts, please check Troubleshooting Your Connection at the end of this post.

Message: You are kicked from game by anti-cheat
Reason for the kick is usually printed to chat on Lobby. Please check BattlEye FAQ to see why you might have been kicked from the game

I am logged out without any message
There is a bug that can prevent you from seeing the reason for logout. If you are logged out regularly and there is no message, please send me a message with a link to your Steam profile.

I have ping issues
I have constantly high ping
Our Europe servers are located in Netherlands, North America servers are located in East coast of US, East Asia servers are located in Singapore and Oceania servers are located in Australia. If you think your ping is abnormally high, please check Troubleshooting Your Connection at the end of this post. However, please note that vast majority of reported ping issues during the Beta was due to routing problems that your ISP can solve. Please report only if the result of the test and your in-game ping differs significantly. You can send me the result here.

I get ping spikes
Your ping can get unusually high if game server's FPS drops. Please report with the following information:
  • Time frame of the game.
  • Game mode.
  • Region.
  • How frequent was it?

I have been banned
Due to spam
This happens when you send too many server requests in a time frame. Duration of this ban is only 5 minutes currently. Note that the date format can be different than your local format.

For another reason
Please do not create forum posts for bans. If you think there is something to discuss, you should contact our support team.

I cannot search for a game/join a custom game
(This is only for Beta branch currently) You are blocked from matchmaking for X seconds
This means that you have left matchmaking games more than allowed times and are blocked as a result.

I cannot open Quick Play or Custom Server List tabs at all
This usually happens when we disable them for new patch or another reason. Please log out and check if there is a new patch. Also please make sure that you are running the game with Anti-cheat if you want to play a Matchmaking game or join one of the official Custom games.

Troubleshooting Your Connection
If you are having connection or ping issues, please follow these instructions to help us identify the issue:
  1. Download this program
  2. Once it is downloaded, run WinMTR.exe either in WinMTR_x32 or WinMTR_x64
  3. As host address, enter one of the following depending on your region (exactly as written here):
    • Europe:
    • North America:
    • East Asia:
  4. Start the program and let it run for 5 minutes
  5. Stop the program and using "Copy Text to clipboard" button copy and send the result to me.
This application tracks connection from your computer to the location of the servers.
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