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I am putting a small FAQ up and as people encounter common issues I will update them here.  This will be updated often.

Q1. I've started the game, but there's no music.

A1. Restart the game.  For some reason the new music doesn't always start playing the first time you launch the mod.

Q2. How do I unlock higher tier Feron gear?

A2. You unlock different pieces as you perform their quests.  Continue down the quest line and check back in the armory after every one or two quests you complete.

Q3. I tried to sneak into a town and got attacked by the guards.  I can't find all the guards to fight my way out though.

A3. Known issue.  I fixed this issue in Asaleth City, but there are probably more out there.  If all of the guard spawn points are not in accessible locations, it can be impossible to knock them out without cheats.  Let us know and we will work to fix these, town by town.

Q4. I am having trouble with the Gilaes quests.

A4. This quest line is meant to be challenging, but not just by introducing hard fights.  It is completely possible for this quest to be failed if you have a combination of bad luck and lack of proper skills.  If you are merely stuck, read the quest log.  There may be some new information in there that will help guide you in the right direction to improve your odds.

Q5. I have reached Feron quest 6 and am having trouble getting it to complete, even though I have done what was asked of me.

A5. Minor Spoiler... 
In order to accomplish this, you must defeat the two targets in open field (not siege) combat, and they must be the party leading the enemies if there are more then one joining the fight.  I recommend trying to catch them in the open field when they are not in combat and to attack them yourself.  For best results, watch at the start of the battle for it to say "<Target's Name> is in the enemy party!".  If you see that and win the battle, you'll be credited for it. I may fix this at a later date to work in other scenarios, but for now this issue exists.

Version 3.0

Q6. I completed Illoriaon quest 2.  Garenathos says to speak to him about another quest, but doesn't offer one.

A6. Known issue.  There are no quests implemented beyond quest 2 yet.  Sorry!

Q7. I can't purchase any Illoriaon gear from the armory, even though I have done some of their quests.

A7. Pure slackerness on my part.  I did not implement it as of yet.  I should have allowed some of the lower tier gear to be purchasable.

Q8. How do I know what abilities I can use in battle?

A8. Press H during a battle for the camera controls.  Close the window and press H again to see the faction specific ability commands.

Q9. My abilities don't work during a siege/bandit invasion/etc.

A9. Abilities currently only work in normal field battles.  The code has not been setup yet to work in sieges.  The Battle camera DOES work in sieges though, should you get knocked out.
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