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1.  I'm running into frequent Video: Out of Memory crashes!
Problem - Odds are that you are running the game through steam and it is running in compatibility mode for Windows XP while your computer is running Windows Vista or 7.  Doing this causes warband to only see your computer as having 1GB of RAM which is enough to run the native game and minor mods, but anything heavier will lead to these crashes after a little while playing.

You can verify this is the case (the 1GB of RAM part) by looking at your rgl_log.txt (found in your main warband folder) and looking for this information:
-- OS: Microsoft Windows 7  Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit
-- RAM: Available physical RAM: 1023MB/1024MB
Solution - You need to turn off compatibility mode for steam and here is how:

This is the compatibility mode tab for the properties menu that is discussed below.

You should find your steam application in your main steam folder.
[*] Right click, select properties.
[*] In that compatibility mode area the checkbox for "Run this program in compatibility mode" needs to be unchecked.
[*] If it is checked AND is greyed out then you'll need to click the "Change settings for all users" button at the bottom of the window.

Once you make sure that steam doesn't have this enabled make sure the same is true for your copy of warband.

2.  My CD key from steam isn't working on a non-steam copy!
Problem - I installed a fresh copy of the game from, but when I start it up I get asked for a serial number and my 5x5 number isn't accepted.  Where can I get a 4x4 one?

Solution - Visit the taleworlds site to obtain a new 4x4 key using your old 5x5 one.  Read about this hereGet a new key here.

3.  I'm running into Invalid Opcode 8 crashes!
Problem - The mod runs for a little while, but then it crashes with an invalid opcode 8 error message.

Solution - The issue is that the Warband Script Enhancer (WSE) is either not functioning or is not being used to start the game.  The reason the game crashes is because opcode 8 is a WSE related command and if that isn't running then warband doesn't know what to do with that command causing a crash.  Since v0.15.12 the game should show a warning message when you start a new game or load a save game on whether or not WSE is running correctly.

STEP 1 - The easy place to start is if you're not using the "WSE Loader" to start the game then you need to do this.

STEP 2 - If you are using the WSE loader to start the game and still running into this issue then the next place you need to look is your "wse_log.txt found in the "WSE v3.1.5" folder.  Here we need to check if WSE is getting shutdown for some reason and you can find that by looking to see if the log contains this line:
[21:58:47] WARNING: game is running in trial mode. Disabling WSE.
If you're receiving this message than one of the following issues is occurring:
[*] You're playing warband using a trial version. WSE will automatically shut itself down if a trial mode is being used.
[*] You're playing on a corrupted copy of the game. Pirated, edited or simply corrupted. WSE knows it isn't a normal copy of the game and shuts itself down.
[*] You're running a beta copy of 1.153 warband that WSE wasn't designed to work with. Apparently some resources were changed between the beta & current version.  You can test this by looking for "vdt_regular_ffp discard_buffer()" in your rgl_log.txt found in the main warband folder.

There is nothing that can be done about a trial version of the game, but if your game is corrupted or it is an "early version" then you should download a fresh copy of warband 1.153 (recommended vs. 1.154) at the site.

4.  I recently purchased Warband on Steam and cannot get a non-steam copy of Warband to accept my serial code!
Problem - You purchased Warband on Steam sometime around July 2014 or later and found a mod that requires an older version of warband.  So you downloaded an older version so you could run it and needed to enter your activation serial code, but are now finding out that your CD key given with your steam purchase is considered invalid.

Solution - A solution for this is in the works, but it will require an update to WSE with information being supplied by Taleworlds.  For now folks will need to be patient.


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Mod Merging Requests

1.  Will you add the Diplomacy Mod?
Windyplains said:
Madnes5 said:
Also diplomacy not being included is a real step back for me.. I honestly dont play mods without it normally its just got so many basic things every mod should have.
Diplomacy adds some useful features, but as a wholesale addition it is not something I would add to the mod.  We went that direction in developing Floris, but I have decided to go in a different direction when I began Silverstag.  At this point the two mods approaches are effectively incompatible.  I would rather provide a new and unique approach to playing the game then copy what is being done in so many other mods.  Obviously I have not stuck to that entirely (PBOD & Formations), but for diplomacy I have chosen to.  If you haven't played further into the game to deal with the kingdom management options or advisors you may find those options appealing.  For options you liked from Diplomacy that you want to see in the mod I would suggest submitting a ticket at the Assembla site in my signature.

2.  Will you add the Freelancer Mod?
No.  I understand it is a very popular request and my turning it down for inclusion in the mod has no bearing on my opinion that it is a great idea.  It is very "plug & play" with a native module, but would require extensive rework to function within Silverstag.

Instead, I'm developing my own kind of Freelancer addition under the title name of Oathbound that will be custom designed for Silverstag.  You can read about it in this thread.

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