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How do I remove font?
Visit our Tweaks center to adjust game features:

- Remove font (Steam version)
Delete in ...\steamapps\workshop\content\48700\498482336\Textures\
Delete font_data.xml in ...\steamapps\workshop\content\48700\498482336\Data\

- Remove font (non Steam version)
Delete in ...\Warband\Modules\Nova Aetas\Textures.
Delete font_data.xml in ...\Warband\Modules\Nova Aetas\Data

How does the technology part of the game work?
AI factions and the player kingdom need to advance in technology in order to get bonusses and much better: new advanced troop trees. Only the six original factions advance in technology. Small nations tend to become outdated after a while.
Talk to the Steward to get information about your technological stage.

There are three main troop trees ingame. Feudal, 16th- and 17th-century troop trees. 16th-century
troops become available from Stage III. 17th-century from Stage VI. Advancing in tech is the most important thing to do for the player nation. Do not fill your treasury, spend every unused coin to tech.

Does the game have gunpowder items/units?
Sure. They're not available straight from start, but firearms, bullets and advanced outfits will appear when one nation reaches respectively Stage III or VI.

Help! I can't fill my treasury.
Firstly keep in mind there are different management features for village, towns, kingdoms and colonies. There four do not interact with each other at all. There are different treasuries for village, towns and kingdoms. The kingdom has a Council of Nobles:

- Chancellor
- Steward
- Court Chaplain
- Diplomat
- Treasurer

The Town Council exists of commissioners. Talk to the Commissioners of Finance to donate to the town's treasury, talk to the Treasurer to fill the kingdom's treasury.

Help! My guildmaster is telling different stories than the kingdom overview.
The guildmaster is telling you correct information about the town. The kingdom overview tells you things about the kingdom.

What do to with slaves?
Slaves can be obtained through battle or by talking to a slave trader in a tavern. The only use for them currently is to put them at work at your colonies (+10 population).

Wait! My current year is changing!?
Oh yes. It's a small feature which you can disable and reset (camp menu).
Till 1650, one year per ingame day will be added. From 1650 to 1695 1 year a week is added to the date. When the ingame date reaches 1695, it'll continue using the native real date system.

How to light an Agonic beacon?
You must visit Drachenburg courtyard before you are able to lit a beacon. Then travel close to one of the many beacons the Agonic Order has, along the Ismerian mountains. Press E to enter the scene. Now climb the tower and aim high at the logs and press F to interact with them. Lit the fire and request help from Drachenburg. Look in the far and wait a few seconds to see the following beacon being lit. Return to map to see all beacons being lit and a Drachenburg army coming to you.

This does not work if Drachenburg is lost by the Agonic Order.

When are Crusades and Jihads announced?
The Pope himself announces a Crusade. This event has a chance of 5% per week to be triggered. So you should have a Crusade roughly every 20 weeks. A Jihad is called by an important imam with the same chance. Hiersolyma should be in hostile hands and Aldurias in the hands of the Pope for a Crusade.

How do I restore the ancient capital?
You can only restore the nearby ruins if you own the very city of Aldurias. Go to the ancient ruins afterwards and choose to restore this.

Quintillius said:
Have you visited Drachenburg already?

I can't remember, but I'm pretty sure I went to every location already. Is there someone to order me to light the becon there? As for the light thing, I can't see it after pressing E. Went up the tower, could not see any light. So confused. :???:
Visit courtyard in Drachenburg before.

Climb the beacon tower again. Go to the place where the fire should start. Look a bit up and down (there is actually an invisible man standing on the logs). You need to aim high to be able to interact with the object.
There's a courtyard? :shock: where is it?
I need to go check it out

well I'll go check it out then.

Who's the agonic grandmaster?
It's been a long time since I had even bothered with the beacon-.-
One last question before continuing to play. Athesim gives no religious benefits right? So can I convert my citizens, with all the religious uniformity and what not to atheists? But why would an atheist even need a guy to spread religion :mrgreen:

Edit: managed to get beacon working, so yay :lol:
walrus_god said:
hey sojust a question as a black smith apprentace how long does it take to make a master piece?

Each day you work increases your likelihood to create a masterpiece by 1%. So, you can take a chance and attempt it at 75%, et cetera; it all depends on when you decide you have a good enough chance of making a masterpiece.

walrus_god said:
hey sojust a question as a black smith apprentace how long does it take to make a master piece?

If you mean how to do it, you talk to the guildmaster (an option is present where you also have the % present showing you how likely it is, you can do it as much as you want but each time costs 300)

EDIT: I have a question of my own, if the 1 day=1 year connected to the technological growth rate in any way, or just for "showing" a advancement, is there any change if i turn off the 1 day= 1 year (yeah i know it turns to 1 week = 1 year later) in the option?
It's connected to technological development indeed. There's an increase of 0,1% chance per year that a faction will gain new technology.
You can change settings in camp menu.
Quintillius said:
It's connected to technological development indeed. There's an increase of 0,1% chance per year that a faction will gain new technology.
You can change settings in camp menu.

So it does change it, oh well, at least it turns to normal after a while.
Looking at the default chances for advancing in technology level, the Noregr kingdom isnt listed at all,  can they advance in their technological level regardless and just dont have any bonus at all besides the year changing or?
Is that why the Noreger towns have 1000 defenders? (noticed it just now too since i didnt pay attention to it).

And guess being a pagan they will rather cling to ye olde ways, so makes sense i guess . Still i can advance technology even if i am a norse pagan right? Lets say im a open minded narrowminded bastard.  :lol:
speaking of tech. ive just joined the faction swadia because they have more advanced troops but even though iam a vassal of swadia i seem to be unable to recruit them. is there a particular way of recruiting more advanced soldiers?
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