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Since nobody seems to read the FAQ at the end of the Wall of Text, here it is.  Hopefully it will answer most people's basic questions about the mod :smile:

Q:  People talk about having really huge in-game battles with this mod.  I have no problems keeping FPS well above 120 with my current gear and I have a really nice PC (6+ GB RAM, Windows 7, really strong video card(s)).  What do I need to install to see huge in-game battles with this mod?

A:  Download the Battle Resizer Utility.

Q:  It seems like the damage numbers don't make any sense any more- I take damage but don't die, or do a bunch of damage and don't kill my enemies.  What's up with that?

A:  Damage in the mod is handled in a special way.  There are five factors that influence damage:

1.  Toughness reduces damage by a percentage, which is different for heroes than it is for non-heroes.
2.  Combat Training gives individuals a chance to do a critical hit, which does considerably more damage than usual.
3.  Dodge gives individuals a chance to avoid damage entirely.
4.  Defensive Tactics reduces damage by a flat amount for every troop in your army.  This is a party skill.
5.  Heroism increases damage by a flat amount for every troop in your army.  This is a party skill.

All of these skills combine to give your character a lot of meaningful choices.  A party with a very high Defensive Tactics and Heroism is very, very powerful, because it has boosted its raw damage while lowering that of its enemies, often to the point where Toughness makes it very low. 

Q:  It seems like all the people who play this game know all these weird commands that aren't in the Warband manual.  What are they?

A:  These are the undocumented commands that are available, and save you a ton of time and mouse-clicks:

Hold Ctrl to move/upgrade whole stack of troops
Hold Shift to do this to 10 troops
Ctrl+Space for faster travelling at world map
Backspace in battles (if this will be optional)
Hold F1 in battle to order troops to hold the place you are pointing

Q:  I hate the lance animations!  Can I change them back again?

A:  Yes, if you're willing to modify the source, or if you want to overwrite actions.txt (which won't work well past 1.160 of this mod).  But it's non-trivial, and they're that way so that spears can have an overhead strike.  I'd really prefer it wasn't like it is now, but due to engine limitations, it was about the only way to get it done.

Q:  The bandit armies are huge!  OMG, I can't take them on by myself!?!

A:  No.  Please buy an army as soon as possible  :mrgreen:

Q:  I hate the female mercenaries!  How do I get rid of them?

A:  Click on "Camp", click Mod Options, and disable the Female Mercenaries there.

Q:  I am using an old version of Warband.  Is this mod compatible?

A:  To be perfectly honest, I don't know.  It has been tested by people with version 1.125 successfully, but your mileage will vary considerably.  But you absolutely must update to 1.131 and then downgrade your install (by replacing warband.exe), because the mod relies on the newest Taleworlds content.

Q:  Battle Resizer causes giant numbers of troops to be on the battlefield, and my game crashes!

A:  Turn the sizes down.  The mod uses a different battle size than Native, and generally speaking, the number of troops will be about 175% of the listed size.  I.E., 150 battle size means that there will be 250+ troops.  So adjust the battle sizer downwards a bit, and all will be well :smile:

Q:  I don't like the automatic item sorter.  Can I turn it off?

A:  Yes.  Click Camp, then click Mod Options.  The rest of it's self-explanatory :smile:

Q: You keep breaking my savegames!  Do you hate me?

A:  No, I'm just adding kewl stuff that makes the game even better, and that comes with a price.  Given the pace of releases, it's fair to say that if you've been playing for a week, then a new version is out already.  This will slow down at some point, of course :smile:

Q:  This game is too hard for me!  How do I make it easier?

A:  Play a Condottiere on Casual Gamer level of difficulty.  If that's still too hard, turn on cheats by hitting CTRL + "~" and type "cheatmenu" in the console. This will give you access to all sorts of cheats via the Camp menu.  Warning:  in the future, when I get the ending sequences done, cheating will prevent you from getting a good ending.  That, and it makes the game a lot less fun very quickly.

Q:  I want to include Diplomacy / Polished Landscapes / etc. into the mod!  Is this mod compatible?  Will you help me do that?

A:  The mod is generally not compatible with these other mods, and unless you hack the source correctly, you will cause various problems.  If you really like a feature of one of them, make a Feature request. 

I do not offer help to people wanting to combine this mod with other mods, for time reasons, but I did provide the full source for each release, so you're welcome and able to do it on your own :smile:

Q:  Morgh's Troop Editor causes Warband to crash, after I've added troops to this mod!

A:  That's because it doesn't handle the number of troops correctly.  You can add troops to the end of the troops.txt manually, though.  Hopefully this bug will get fixed soon.

Q:  I want you to hold my hand while I try to modify your source.  I don't know anything about coding, and I've never used Module System before.  Will you answer all my questions?

A:  I'm afraid I can't.  It takes too much time, and I'd rather spend it making the game better.  Sorry :smile:
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