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Weird, I did not see a single tank in the update.

If there were tanks, I would be all over that. Tanks are awesome,

What they have currently are just ....armored cars and the like. **** tier stuff.

Now, I dont really like the whole mechanized aspect that much, but I can see how that might work out well. JUst please, no flying vehicles.
Anyway, would not say that they are worth the price yet. Their armor is worthless and even small arms fire takes them down relatively fast.

BUt its an early access game and I am conent to play each update a bit and then wait for another one.


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but I used 'accusing' because there were people claiming it's stolen Warband code and textures :roll:

Uh-huh, I didn't know about that. Hope that's not true. I haven't come across any textures that seemed to be ripped off from M&B though.

They released a new patch to remove memory usage by %50. Seems optimization was a common problem. I thought it was because my computer couldn't handle the game.


So I purchased this game during the steam sale on a friends recommendation. After playing for almost a week and 20ish hours I have to say; I don't know how the devs claim to have never played Mount and Blade. In fact, it is so close to identical that I had to come here to make sure taleworlds was aware of the game (although I'm sure they are.) The similarities are uncanny and I am afraid I am going to lose the money I paid due to copyright infringement. The game is great right now in its EA state and they plan to add a lot.

Truthfully, I'd rather see a taleworlds rendition of this game because you all have done such a better job with the mechanics they are introducing. In fact, everything introduced seems to be a slightly off replica of Mount and Blade Warband.

I hope there is no problem with this games development. As far as I can tell it is being made by Russians. I honestly look forward to Bannerlord and maybe, hopefully, (please?), taleworlds own version of a FPS shooter in their world.


There's a Freeman: Guerilla Warfare thread here, although it probably doesn't matter that much if we have two threads for it.

I don't know much about the game, except that I'd heard (and seen a few seconds on YouTube iirc) that it was very similar to M&B. Russian devs, eh? I bet you that in and of itself will cause problems at some point, even without any potential for copyright issues. It seems like every time I see much of a developer from the Eastern Bloc, they, or at least the people representing them to the public, behave like dickheads.


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The Turkish developer who has been working on the same game for 8 years would be much better suited to make an FPS RPG.


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Also the developer's blog mentions Mount&Blade multiple times, including the game's announcement. Here, have a quote said:
Tina from KK Game Studio describes the game in an interview with us as: “It is more like Mount & Blade and Arma combined. In the strategy portion, the player roams on the world map, visiting various locations, trading, raising funds, upgrading equipment, accepting missions, and engaging enemy field armies or siege towns. In the FPS portion, the player enters the battlefield and lead the army to combat in first person view.”
So no idea where you get the idea that they pretend to never have played the game from.

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Droz, in future search in the appropriate section to see if a thread exists for a topic before you start a new one. There's also a list for Other Games, although it is very incomplete.
This been called multiple times, including people claiming they ripped textures from M&B and I don't know what to tell you. Just so we're clear, there were other issues - the game is in Unity and they bought items from the store that were stolen from other games/mod projects that got them into trouble, but afaik this was already resolved. The development was bumpy and it was funny with how similar it felt to what we know about Bannerlord in that aspect, considering they decided to scrap what they had and re-write most of the game.

I can't explain to anyone how different it is from Warband right now, mechanically. As for the feeling of the game, yes, there's a lot in it that feels M&B-ish, because that was the goal, to put player in boots of single soldier/commander embedded in the world-wide (well, island-wide) conflict, that has sides, factions and other commanders. You can talk to people in bars, recruit companions (though they went for more RPG-ish approach of building relationship with them and the writing is hilariously awful, with some visual novel sprinkles on top with buying them gifts in dedicated gift shop) own settlements (though interestingly enough they decided to leave production sites like farms, mines etc. as neutral points), complete generic fetch quests, all the stuff that is in the M&B, but even though it's hard to make it entirely different and it would be silly to do so just for sake of it, it isn't all the same as in the M&B.

And the battles themselves are nothing like it, the AI soldiers aren't permanently aware of each other, so you can successfully flank enemies, but just the same you can be flanked, you need to scout out the battlefield and spot the dangers and, obviously, the engagements are generally smaller in scale. The army has its own interesting quirk, you recruit soldiers and organize them in squads, but you have total control over their equipment - that doesn't come free. Recruiting someone already geared up can be five-six times more expensive than recruiting a 'naked' soldier. Level ups just increase their skills without any change in gear, so early on most of the loot is quickly repurposed rather than sold.

Last time I played game made a circle and suffered from completely overpowered grenade spam from one of the major bandit factions, that was absolutely ridiculous in one of the first versions. Don't really know if I could recommend it, but I can say it does effectively scratch the M&B itch, while remaining fresh in most of its aspect.
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