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The ancient custom battle mod for Mount and Blade 1 allowed to choose every troop. Testing wise it would be better if the custom battle mode allows to select each troop instead of just 4 troop classes

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It’s not much of a custom battle if I can’t choose the troops. The point of custom battle to me is to try new comps or fight really big/cool battles but I can’t do either of those things because you can’t pick troops, the troops you’re given aren’t elite, and the size is capped at 500. All really easy fixes


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You should be able to choose all troops and also customize your character with all available items and skills in the game. This would be great for testing purposes.
Hey, if anyone is reading this and agrees with the thread then leave some form of reply so that the devs will see it.
Also yes


ay!,,,at this stage when they are tweaking the game its essential people can try soldiers out in different scenarios. MisterDanny proved ex the Sturg Spear mens weakness yesterday in custom battle. Something that most people including myself would have missed since its hard to tell with an mixed army and strategies included. However we should´nt forget to see the whole army in mind as well where some have strength while others has not of course and the other way around so we get the total power balance in check
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Yeah, I decided to try it out for the first time to compare similar troops from different factions, but I couldn't actually do that when I all I had was the sliders.

You should be able to pick troops invidually for both sides, like the party layout when you are choosing prisoners and troops to add to you party after combat. Have every type of troop on the left with 100 each, and let the player drag them over to the right for each side. You can choose however many or few there are.
Yes i agree too, we need to test all troops for helping developpers into balancing . Sturgian spearmen in square formation againt vlandia knight charging in line was a butchery but battanian picked warriors in square are holding more time and sometimes wins. I also see that vlandian knights are charging with couched lance on the sturgian in last battle this morning was a butchery 500vs 500
I really wanted to test Sturgian shock troops but it's impossible sad a bit.
Yes, I also hope the developers spend a little more time on improving the custom battles. It has so much potential for testing things out and improving your skills. Also just for the fun of it. For instance, you on horseback, heavily armored, with a big glaive or something in you hands, against 100 looters. You can practice your horsemanship and how best to deal massive death with a polearm, while carving through multiple enemies with each swing. It may not be much of a challenge, but it sure would be fun.
+1 this idea helps testing and is just plain fun

Hopefully it can implemented in such a way that we can also choose the individual composition of groups as well, before deploying.
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