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Freelancer Born to Serve ( B2S 1.0.0a ) In development

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We have started a whole new stand alone version of freelancer. This will not be an OSP to start with and maybe we will release the core Freelancer system as OSP in the future. Feel free to discuss. Freelancer II will be available via the Steam Workshop, ModDB & M&B:WB Nexus..

And now I introduce to you, a a remake of our M&B: Warband Modification " Freelancer " by Nords With Guns...

Current News

I have decided to remove the old dev diary, mainly because I have allot of time on my hands again.
All original features will be included in this version except joining Lords directly, and furthermore we are looking into joining bandits and loosing relation and honor each time you fight, also the possibility of joining Manhunters.
As for OSP items , we will be adding some well known packs to increase types of soldiers available. He doesn't know it yet but I'm sure schmiddy will get onto that with a new team maybe. :wink:

Also I have been toying with the idea of a loose storyline for characters to have a goal.. We all know that the main idea in Mount & Blade is to become a Lord if not Ruler of the whole Continent. So why not use Freelancer as a steppingstone towards becoming a Lord? You start as nothing and fight, trade, bribe, kill your way to the top.. The goal at the moment with this release is to join an army.. grow in renown, honor and rank to climb up the tiers in the army

In the future we hope to have a milestone where you attain the position as the Lords bannerman, his personal elite bodyguard, then be eventually promoted to Lord. Then from there .. who knows?

Developers Needed

There is positions open for devs of all levels to help with the Mod. Even offers of help from devs from other mods would be handy. I have been able to get allot of ideas from the hundreds left on the previous ideas topics for Freelancing.  And I think an overhaul of a character creation system is in order. ( I'll need a writer for that)

Potential Developers please note, to be a part of Nords with Guns ( Freelancer Dev Team) you have to have a real good sense of humor and can handle Australian Hoodlum antics and language.. other than that.. all good.. apply via PM :wink:

  • New Joining System - Complete
  • Convert old missions ( Vacation ect) to quests - Complete
  • Weapon Break System - In Progress
  • Join Bandits
  • Join Manhunters
  • Revamp of Promotion System
  • Lord Quests

Well, on the one hand, I would love a new and improved version of Freelancer.

On the other hand, I bought Warband through the TaleWorlds site, so I can't use the Steam Workshop.

But back on the first hand, it never hurts to give TaleWorlds more of my money.
Reilnur said:
On the other hand, I bought Warband through the TaleWorlds site, so I can't use the Steam Workshop.

Afaik your argument is invalid  :wink: I bought my warband in a local store, so yeah I got a disc with warband on it :wink:

Even though I didn't buy this game on steam, I am playing it WITH steam. All u have to do is bind your cd-key to your steam-acc and start downloading the game through steam. U can keep the normal installation files on your pc (yes, u can have your warband twice on your pc)...

Glad to be of assistance
Swordyke, Moderator of the Freelancer Forum
Well I thought more people would vote.. but I'm going ahead with the Mod anyways. PM if you think you could contribute to helping with the Mod. Also I will ask for testers once we have something stable(ish) to release.

-G :mrgreen:
That sounds really cool! I have absolutely no experience in modding Warband, a bit in programming but I would be glad to help whenever and with whatever! I've always wanted to learn how to mod Warband, so if you need any assistance whatsoever, count me in!
Dev Diary Excerpt 15/10/2014

Bit early for a new update but I had a bit of time and started some serious coding and deciphering mod merger. As I have stated before I wanted this version to be more realistic so I have created a new system for joining. I won't give too much away just yet but I have developed a system that makes it so you no longer talk directly to the lord all the time and I will say "Town Mayors or Guild Leaders" are a good place to start :wink:

  • New Joining system is 80% complete , includes mission to join and random choice of Lord available to join. ( No more .. oh hey can I be your soldier)
    Also adding a officer of some kind to talk to while enlisted instead of the Noble.
  • Old Vacation mission will be touched up a bit more
  • No longer will you have to fear your Lords and your Lords Kingdoms wrath when your Lord is captured. 50% complete

Adding a few OSP scripts in and will give credit once I have included them. 
Toying with the Idea of gaining the ability to lead tiers of Troops once you have gained rank. Ie Lead the Cavalry when you are a senior knight.
(please discuss but I'm not sure how to do this just yet)

Positions open for new Developers, pls PM  :mrgreen:

I just completed porting Freelancer Modmerger to the New Module System :smile: .. I have a small issue with joining battles wounded while enlisted but I'll get around to that later..(Fixed). Next step complete the Joining System ..
Everyone welcome Windyplains ( Floris & Silverstag ) to the team !! Windy and I have been conversing about the direction we'd like to take this newest off shoot of Freelancer and we can advise you guys that it's definitely different.. I can say there will be more missions and more options to climb your way to the top of the Feudal ladder.. Allot more interaction rather than you waiting for you Lord to attack or even waiting for your Lord to get off his fat ass and go look for a fight. I have been talking to devs from Brytenwalda ( Viking Crusade DLC ) and they advise me that new options in the DLC for modders will even enhance Freelancer really well.. Personally I can not wait.. And for those couple of PMs I got recently Yes the new version will be out before the new year :razz:

G :mrgreen:
Small update , I've been working on the bare bones system and we have decided that we are going to remove the Tier climbing, but will keep ranks .. The idea of the new spinoff of the original Freelancer (Enlist Mod by Ithilranger) will be you are still nothing, but you join the Lord as something of a mercenary rather than a basic recruit. Please remember this is NoT the normal Freelancer , it's a standalone expansion if you like. You will start off as normal, then join a Lord as a soldier and work your way up to being what would be the Lords Bannerman, his offsider, a mission based pathwayhis to becoming his elite bodyguard with You will still be able to join other Lords and Factions.. and eventually follow the usual path to ruling the empire. But that's way down the rack at the moment and  Before you die hard fans get upset, trust us, you will love the new system :wink: Keep the Faith!

Talk to you all soon.
G :mrgreen: 

Edit: I forgot to add is I think I have been able to get a couple of semiprofessional artists to help me out with new backgrounds ect.
When this will be released? this will be the best mod, recently viewed the mission ideas and the ideas are great. :grin:
Unfortunately I have to put development on hold for a bit, due to major Game issues caused by patching the game over Xmas.

-G  :mrgreen:
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