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Do you want to be able to cover yourself overhead with any shield while climbing a ladder when being shot at by arrows during a siege? Do you want AI to cover itself anyway? Do you want to block hits with a high shield guard? Do you want to have dynamic first-person visibility as you move forward covered by the shield? Then this is your tweak.

Default (00:00-00:50) / Freehand (00:50-END)

Default (00:00-00:32) / Freehand (00:32-END)

The original idea came during the alpha-beta period; here's the link to the thread if you want to see comparative videos and more information.

Installation: Files work separately; you don't need to have both installed at the same time.
Single player:
(Having made a backup of the original files)

Copy the downloaded file and paste it into the Bannerlord installation folder inside Modules\SandBox Core\ModuleData

Nexus Link Download
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Great mod idea! And simple!

I think a bit better way of doing it would be to change the "up" blocking animation for the standard shields to be the "hand_shield" up animation.
Or even better change the parameters of how far you can rotate / ik blend the animation up to give it coverage overhead to the standard "up" animation. I remeber seeing some resembling animation paremeters in code, just dont remember where.

It could be a simple fix that would give that. "overhead sheild" coverage for when the agent looks up. Would super cool for siege and shieldwalls / Roman TESTUDO formations.