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Do you want to be able to cover yourself overhead with any shield while climbing a ladder when being shot at by arrows during a siege? Do you want AI to cover itself anyway? Do you want to block hits with a high shield guard? Do you want to have dynamic first-person visibility as you move forward covered by the shield? Then this is your tweak.

Default (00:00-00:50) / Freehand (00:50-END)

Default (00:00-00:32) / Freehand (00:32-END)

The original idea came during the alpha-beta period; here's the link to the thread if you want to see comparative videos and more information.

Installation: Files work separately; you don't need to have both installed at the same time.
Single player:
(Having made a backup of the original files)

Copy the downloaded file and paste it into the Bannerlord installation folder inside Modules\SandBox Core\ModuleData

Nexus Link Download

Try please Hybrid Blocking
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Great mod idea! And simple!

I think a bit better way of doing it would be to change the "up" blocking animation for the standard shields to be the "hand_shield" up animation.
Or even better change the parameters of how far you can rotate / ik blend the animation up to give it coverage overhead to the standard "up" animation. I remeber seeing some resembling animation paremeters in code, just dont remember where.

It could be a simple fix that would give that. "overhead sheild" coverage for when the agent looks up. Would super cool for siege and shieldwalls / Roman TESTUDO formations.


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...As it's hidden on nexus, should I remove it from the mod list or you plan to update it again in future...?
Sorry for the mess, I'll update my threads now. As for Shield Equity, yes the mod became obsolete and I removed it from Nexus.

Thanks for the great job of compilation and sorry for the inconvenience.
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