Resolved "Freed lords" get picked up by other npc's and have them as party members.

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No, I didn't use any mods.


Summary: in 1.61 you have a talk scene with a lord who's captured by an enemy, when freeing them you can set them free.
How to Reproduce: we cant as its not us the players who do it, but npc.
Have you used cheats and if so which: no

So I noticed that Fafen who I was looking for to give him so money, so he wasnt poor but to get him to be average, kept on being on the same spot as I where in the encyclopeida, but I was in the middle of nowhere with my army and he wasnt in it.

So I poked around and when inspecting the troops of my clansmember Fafen was part of this party.
I resolved this issue by going to my town, disband the party of that clansmember, enter it and now Fafen was in town.
Few days later he is at Sibir his town, and acts as normal.

Now I'm looking for Vyldur, and according to his encyclopedia he is somewhere in the army lead by Raganavad, however if you look at the army roster he isnt there.
I'm thinking its the same issue as with the clansmember(while naturally when that party that Vyldur have been absorbed into is defeat he will be "reset" and captured like other lords, then later on freed).

But overall I dont think this is how the feature was supposed to work.

Pretty sure that they are supposed to be set free(as I've mostly seen they do).


I've uploaded a file.


In my army you can find Alek, talk to him, choose inspect troops.
Scroll down in his roster and you'll find Fafen.

I've resolved it on my end, but I'm sure it wasnt supposed to happend like that, and I've never seen it before this patch where the "release prisoner of the other lords to get relations etc".


I've uploaded another savefile. Vyldur.sav
This time its Vyldur of Togavoring who is a lord of the realm, and head of the clan.
He is in Raganavads party, move mouse over icon while haveing ALT in, to see the party of Raganavad, and you'll see 2nd on the list its Vyldur.

My army is parked right next to Raganavad.

This is not "a big issue" with that clan, since they have several lords they can field.
However if it was a smaller clan with say 1-2 members, then if one of their clan is in another party like this, then they would be reduced to 50%.
Overall if this happends "often" enough it can also mean that a side is severly gimped vs the others due to lack of lords to command troops etc.

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Forwarded to the QA team for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!


I uploaded save files with same bug on my campaign.
One before and one after battle.

It happened to me previously and caused some crashes.
I found work-around by transferring all troops to my party, disbanding this party, talking to this companion to join my party and recreating his party.


I'm now playing 1.62

In this its "worse".
While I havent seen any other lords being picked up earlier.
I noticed my companion Illtar the falcon have picked up a lord from a small merc company Marbert I belive the name is of the character.

The issue is now that the companion is "rushing" to the aid of Onira.. the problem is that my faction have 0 intrest in that location.
However if one examine the merc's employeer one would see why he is rushing to Onira.
Worse yet, my companion is now in an "army" so I cant directly call him back, I cant just wait until things unfold and let him be defeat(and thus he looses Marbert in the party and the issue is resolved by itself).

I can disband the party of course, but that means I cant form another party for weeks in that slot(note atm I do have slots available as 1 companion is captured who lead an army and I only have my own party so no "biggie")

Travelling from Onira to my holding Baltakhand takes quite abit of time with the slowmo-pace disbanding units take(this really should be sped up or let it be disbanded instant, atleast let them travel at a pace that they would travel had the companion led them).

I'm attaching the file so you can inspect it further.

I didnt realize that he was going to get hijacked by the other faction etc in this manner so I'm at Baltkhand and far from Onira, but I'm guessing if you need to you can use console commands to port there etc(I dont use mods or commands myself mind you)

Iltasthefalcon.sav have been uploaded. at 09:54 28/08/21

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Community Support
I've been informed that this bug is fixed and the fix will be sent to the game with future patches. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
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