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Sir Edwards

Sergeant Knight
What do yall think about China infringing on Hong Kong's rights and trying to limit their freedoms? Conspiracy Theory: The Chinese Coronavirus originated in a lab in Wuhan! Imagine if that was true?


Bedroom Assassin
Do you see those two things as related (China's Hong Kong policy and the coronavirus)?
Apart from the fact that China has used the outbreak to clamp down on antigovernment protesters.



Hong Kong is doomed, pseudo state within a state experiment is over. Might makes right, unfortunately, this can be confirmed by numerous colonial examples. Its sad though. FREE TIBET! Oh wait they are still not free.


Knight at Arms
Its sad. Hong Kong is one of the most modern, wealthy and free places on earth, basically a "how china could be without the ccp" scenario. The only things the ccp will bring is censorship and corruption and that will destroy Hong Kong. Noone knows for sure where exactly the Virus broke out, but it was definitely in China and if they "actually" would have reacted quickly, instead of trying to oppress any information about it, much could have been avoided.
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