Free City of Massalia [EU]

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The Free City of Massalia

The Army of the Free city of Massalia needs you!
We call you to arms to fight for your freedom against the barbarians of Gaul to the north the savage Etruscans to the east and the vast Empire of Carthage to the south and west! Recruiting all soldiers willing to fight as well as labourers and other civilians who can support our war effort!


Massalia, today’s Marseilles, was founded in c.600 BC by the Ionian city of Phocaea as a trading port in the west Mediterranean. Massalia is the original name that the Greeks from Phocaea gave the city they founded. Despite being so closely located to the Roman Republic Massalia kept its independance until 49 BCE.

Facing an opposing alliance of Etruscans, Carthage and Celts, Massalia allied itself with the expanding Roman Republic for protection. Lending ships to aid the Roman republic in the punic wars. This protectionist association brought aid in the event of future attacks and, perhaps equally important, brought the people of Massalia into the complex Roman market.  Roman forces first entered the region of Narbonensis in 154 BCE to defend Massalia from Celtic invaders.

Massilia is one of the great commercial cities of the western Mediterranean, possibly the greatest save for Ostia in Italia. Although Massalia produces grapes, wine, and olive oil, the primary employer of Massalia is in trade. In addition to trading along the shores of the Mediterranean, Massalia has a unique trade relationship with the Celtic peoples in the interior of Gaul. Massalia trades salt and Hellenic luxury goods.

In Game Information
To keep with the fact that Massalia was a successful trading port there will be civilian ranks alongside that of the military these ranks will include Council members, Merchants and simple Labourers. This is a Greek faction that will use mainly Greek equipment in battle however due to the close proximity to Gaul some equipment from the Gaul faction may be used as is it assumed they are hired mercenaries. As historically Massalia was allied with Rome for over 100 years we shall try to maintain an alliance or peace with Rome and send aid in the hope of recieving the same. However we shall fight against them if war is declared against us.

We have past experience playing as the Delian league faction in the persistent empires mod where we fought as a unit using phalanx and formations to win battles and we hope to recreate that on Roma Oritur, hence why we require microphone and/or teamspeak.

Military Rank Overview
Stratia: Strategos, Taxiarchos, Hoplomachos, Thureophoroi, Hoplitai, Toxotai, Peltastoi

Nautikon: Nauarchos, Kybernetes, Keleustes, Epibatoi


Strategos Nikias
Literally meaning "army leader" it is the equivalent of a modern day general and is the commander of the military of Massalia.

A Taxiachos is a officer in the military who is second to the Strategos and is in command of the Stratia when the Strategos is not present or is indesposed.

Hoplomachos Alexandros
Is is drill or weapons instructor for the infantry and they will be responsible for training as well as keeping the soldiers in line. Can act a commander is no higher ups are present.

The Greek equivalent of the Roman legionary armed with linothorax armour, a light, oval shield called a Thureos, javelins, thrusting spear and a sword. More mobile than the heavier Hoplites.

Hoplites Lycus
Hoplites Demetrius
Hoplites Maxentius
The citizen soldiers of the Greek states. Each Hoplite provided his own equipment but typically it consists of a large bronze shield, a bronze thrusting spear as well as a Xiphon or Kopis. There is no standardised uniform because of this.

Toxotes Clitus
Toxotes Corkus
Toxotes Achikos
Toxotes Heron

Toxotai were greek archers armed with a short Greek bow and a short sword sometimes wearing linothorax armour and carrying pelte shields.

Lowest rank in the Massalian army a mixture of light infantry and skirmishers often mercenaries. Armed with wooden or wicker shields along with javelins, slings, short swords and sometimes spears.


Post below or private message me if you are interested in joining either the Civilian or Stratia sections. See below for the form:

Chosen Ancient Greek Name:
Steam Name:
Do you have a microphone or can listen on teamspeak?:
Past experiences in either a persistent mod or fighting as a coordinated unit:
Preferred Class:

Today the brave men of Massalia held the gates against the Carthaginian horde! A victory that will be sung about for decades!
Age: 15
Chosen Ancient Greek Name: Maxentius
Steam Name: max1234491
Do you have a microphone or can listen on teamspeak?: Yes.
Past experiences in either a persistent mod or fighting as a coordinated unit: PE, PF, PW and alot of NW regiments.
Preferred Class: Horseman or Hoplite.
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