France 11-8 Italy (Quarter Final B) Deadline: 06/05/2011

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Sir Protheus

Yes but we ll try to beat ukraine or USA
I wish them good luck for their match.
Because willy harlequin and Crusader didn't respect their promise, here is a little present :wink:

Luckily they didn't simulated and respected our with a beautifull war

Good night my friends :smile:

Lord Willy

:razz: I never promised anything .

Very sad tough , We have been very unlucky , and I'm sure we are better than you on skill matter , the thing is that you were totally superior in tactics . Bah never been so frustrated after one wb match :sad:

Good Luck on your future matches France , even if I'm sure you will not win this Cup :smile:  .


Sergeant Knight
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I underline that if the round time wouldn't have been bugged for me and 90 % of our team on Fbtr it'd have been a 10-10.... Anyway, gg.

Sir Protheus

It's not a bug... Flags worked like siege flags :wink:
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Well done France, I know how hard you've worked in the tournament and this win is a reflection on that.

I think you earned every bit of this victory, even if the Italian team does not.

The score has been changed to 11-8, in compliance with a new decision made, for the knockout stages.