France 11-8 Italy (Quarter Final B) Deadline: 06/05/2011

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Quarter Final B
France vs Italy

Map 1: Field by the River - Rhodoks vs Vaegirs
Map 2: Village - Nords vs Swadia
Map 3 (if needed): Nord Town - Rhodoks vs Swadia

The deadline for this match is 06/05/2011.

You can discuss anything related to the match in this topic. Referees can also post their availability in here. The result of the match should also be posted in this thread, preferably accompanied by screenshots, if possible.

Sir Protheus

Hi Harlequin

Perfect choose maps and factions :grin:
We ll beat you Italians :smile: Let's get our revenge :smile:

I suggest you to begin :
-Wednesday 4 may at 21H00 (GMT+2) if Crusader is offline
-Thursday 5 may at 21H00 (GMT+2) if Crusader is offline

Our server is DFD_Challenge server. Is your server still AB_Gamehosting? Perhaps we could play on Lustys townhouse? :wink:
I will request a referee and probable a recording if you are ok.

>Crusader :
You are invited today until 06/05/2011 in France to visit Paris. Are you ok? :wink:


Section Moderator
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It's going to be hard!

Good luck to both teams, but more luck to the italian team  :grin:


Sergeant Knight
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99.9 % that thursday is fine, I'll check today and reply back.

Nice frenchy dreams there!  :lol:

Sir Protheus

I can't validate the AB_Gamehosting server.
Many of my men have bad ping. Some other have some laggy little problems.
Perhaps we can find another solution harlequin like a German neutral server, an IG server or another italian server?

Sir Protheus

OK i see with lord willy and it seems that each team have problem of ping on each other server ^^'
Finally FRA team validates Lustys Dreamhouse. OK for you Harlequin?


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il neomelodismo è sempre un chiodo in culo  :lol:

traslation by google: the neomelodismo is always a nail in the ass

Sir Protheus

Very GG Italia It was hard and you defended your honor.
We ll bring you hope with ours.

>Willy crusader and harlequin
We ll wait you to sing la marseillaise on our teamspeak ^^

More seriously, i hope that you will be still OK for our promise :wink:

Sir Protheus

Sir yes sir. and they fight very well :smile:

It's your turn now if you want a revenge against us :wink: