Unresolved In Progress FPS Drop: Mount & Blade Warband

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Hey guys I'm here looking for help because since some weeks my Napoleonic Wars game had a huge fps drop without any reason. I used to play it with 60 fps stable. May you know the reason or do you know how may I solve this?
I already tried with updating video card drivers and uninstalling game and re-installing it.
Gtx 1050 Ti
i5 4460 3.2 GHz

Edit: No process on background when I play Mount and blade

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Do you remember the particular environment when the FPS drops happen? Or the game is always laggy?


Yeah, If I play alone with some bot on a little sized map it does not lag very much.
The game starts to go under 20 FPS if I play with 20+ players on a large map.
As I already said several weeks ago I did not have this problems, so I don't know the reason...
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