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Welcome to the Foxhound Gaming Line Battle
Foxhound Gaming is an Arma 2 Island Life community that started out as a regiment in Napoleonic Wars. We left the napoleonic battlefield to focus on our Arma 2 community, but have since decided to return to the conflict by hosting our own event. The event will be hosted every Saturday at approximately 9 pm EST. The password to the event will be given out via our steam group prior to the event's start.

Event Rules
These rules are subject to change and event administrators may bend the rules under circumstances where they would improve the event. If you have a suggestion for our rules, feel free to post below.
  • Regiment’s Leader(s) will be held responsible for their Regiment’s actions
  • Bad behavior will not be tolerated, if you are excessively cursing, acting childish, or anything else undesirable you will be banned from the server.
  • No ramboeing.
  • Fire on the charge is not allowed.
  • If a unit does not meet the minimum threshold of men, then they are no longer considered a unit and MUST merge into line with someone else.
  • Lines must have a minimum of (three) men to be considered a unit, there is no maximum to the amount of men a line can have.
  • Rifles must have a minimum of (three) men to be considered a unit, the maximum they are allowed is (fifteen) men.
  • Cavalry must have minimum of (three) mounted men to be considered a unit, the maximum they are allowed is (thirteen) men.
  • Artillery has must have a minimum of (two) men to be considered a unit, the maximum they are allowed is (six) not including Artillery Guard, whom can have up to (eight) men.
  • No more than ½ man spacing for lines and no more than 3 man spacing for rifles.
  • Line and rifle must fire in formation, rifles may have a looser formation but must still be near each other.
  • Teamkilling and/or wounding is strictly prohibited, if it was an accident then apologize so everyone can move on.
  • Do not delay the inevitable defeat, stand and fight if you are one of the final few.
  • Lines may not crouch unless forming a double line, however, rifles may crouch whenever.
  • Unmounted cavalry is considered light infantry.
  • Everyone taking part in the night’s event must be wearing their respective regiment tags, else they will be removed from the server.
***Remember, these are supposed fun & casual events so try not to get in a tizzy if something goes awry, our Administrators will attempt to resolve it ASAP.***

Signing Up
In order to sign up for the event please make a post below using the following template.
Regiment Name:
Regimental Leader:
Link to Leader's Steam Account:
Estimated Attendees:

Additional Information

You can find us at "FHG Linebattles" on steam.
[size=14pt]If you would like to go a special unit (Artillery, Cavalry, Lights or Rifle) please message one of the event administrators prior to the event.


Regiment Name: Legião Brasileira [LegBR]
Regimental Leader: Me.
Link to Leader's Steam Account: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198144568455
Estimated Attendees: 10 Members

:?: Out of curiosity , where are you from? For we are from Brazil and we have problems with ping...
The Regiment is the 4th Highlanders of Canada (in game the [4th])

The regiments leader is me (I am actually 2Ic but I will be acting 1Ic for now so effectively I will be the leader)

You can add me on steam at: [4th]_Maj_The-Chef-123      (sorry but I don't have the internet browser steam so I could not give you the link to my account)

And an estimate for my attendees would be from 4 to 9, also we would like to be line infantry


Regiment Name: 12th
Regimental Leader: Fluff
Link to Leader's Steam Account:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198079418869/
Estimated Attendees: 10


Regiment Name:Scots Guard
Regimental Leader:Undrasha
Link to Leader's Steam Account:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198059330312
Estimated Attendees:6-8


Regiment Name: 61e Cavalry
Regimental Leader: Stormki
Link to Leader's Steam Account: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198059390976/
Estimated Attendees: 6-8


Regimental Name: 5TH Moscow Polk
Regimental Leader: Mrbean
Link to Leaders Steam Account: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198024977444/
Estimated Attendees: 10-15


Regiment Name: 70th ligne guards
Regimental Leader: 70th_Col_Wilson
Link to Leader's Steam Account: https://steamcommunity.com/id/TaKeDoWN_/
Estimated Attendees: 10-15
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