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Forum Rules Update (29/11/2021)

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Hello everyone, please note that the following section of the Forum Rules has been updated. Changed text is marked with orange.

1.1 Trolling, Flaming, Baiting & Harassment
This is an open, friendly community, that is the central point for those seeking information or assistance for our games. We will not tolerate any forms of flaming, trolling, baiting or harassment. This includes, but is not limited to, deliberately trying to provoke an argument (flame-baiting), personal insults, and verbal attacks. Baiting, passive-aggressiveness, and snide remarks towards others, while often mild on their own, have a cumulative effect and can be detrimental to our community overall. Flame wars within the community can also leave a lasting negative impact and cause division, and we will not tolerate any kind of aforementioned baiting that leads to it. If you disagree with what someone has said, debate the point, not the person.

Harassment of other users will not be tolerated either; this relates to PM-harassment or harassment by constantly insulting users across multiple threads, in-game, other platforms, or by making disparaging comments that have no content relevant to the topic/discussion.

Please make sure to take into account the existing forum rules as well as the additional clarification when participating in discussions. Thank you.
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