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If you have any comments you would like to make about the forums and website, or any suggestions for changes, new features and other improvements, please leave a reply below.

Note that any posts with feedback or suggestions for Bannerlord will be deleted, as this is the wrong place for that.
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At least a opting-in for biege would be nice

Previously it was also possible to see multiplayer nickname below my forum nickname. This was a nice feature which seems to have been removed?
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Looks a bit generic to be honest, probably just from the complete change in stil and we will get used to it over time, but the first impression is a bit of.
The old forum reminded me a bit of the games. If Bannerlorlds UI would be in this blue, it would fit, but since it is not...

I agree with HUMMAN that the rank and game icons do not fit anymore. Maybe some photoshop mastersmith can come up with some new ones?
1. Circular avatars just hanging asymmetrically in the vague corner of the post box
2. Almost zero contrast between the important toolbars and the rest of the site.
3. Colourless icons which are hard to distinguish for no good reason:

4. "Insert photo" "insert link" "insert spoiler" and all these slow, condescending, pop-out window, automatic web 3.0 functions which don't even give us the option of using BBC code without typing it out manually.
5. "Messages have been posted since you loaded this page" but I don't get the opportunity to check them without posting first.
6. Timestamps are in the annoying facebook format of "6 minutes ago" rather than the actual time. I hope this doesn't go as high as "3 years ago" which is much more ambiguous than just putting the date there.

I honestly don't know what the point of "updating" the forums even was. The changes which have been made just seem like fad upgrades to make it more in line with the rest of the internet rather than actually making it more accessible (taleworlds was fine even on mobile). Speaking of which I'll test it out on mobile and see how gashed great it is.

7. Clicking on images opens a bouncy web 3.0 popout window which takes up the entire screen.
8. The character counter in the corner of the reply box blocks you from typing.

Taleworlds was a completely unique site. It had a colour scheme which was really easy on the eyes, fit with most colour avatars, and was a pleasure to read. This current setup has countless problems (so I guess it fits with bannerlord :iamamoron::iamamoron::iamamoron::iamamoron::iamamoron: ), but please, at the very least callum, give us the option to do away with this horrible colour scheme.
broke years and years of thread formatting, removed various personalization options, flat modern design for a medieval game

needless waste of resources
broke years and years of thread formatting, removed various personalization options, flat modern design for a medieval game

needless waste of resources
The formatting is a huge shame for sure. As for the theme, I can see it looking good with a completely reworked beige theme as before.
I'm on mobile and still figuring it all out so forgive me if this is already requested/implemented. I would like to have a "developer answers" section on the forum which shows all replies from only (no moderators or anything) and any developer comments. The Escape from Tarkov forums have a similar thing and it's really nice. People who want the important stuff can get it quick.
9. Hovering your mouse over avatars brings up an annoyingly large popup with information that could easily be fit into that area. I don't want a popup for information that forumites typically want to display publicly.

10. Empty quotes don't show up in previews. There should be a quote here ^ but there isn't.
11. Nested quotes are broken.
12. Clicking out of the page deletes your post. OG Taleworlds would "save" your post in cache so long as you didn't refresh the page, but not anymore. This makes long posts way more precarious and I can almost see myself losing 1000 words to a misclick.

Seriously. :lol::lol::lol: This is like a biting satire of modern web design. All you need is autoplaying videos everywhere and an algorithm which decides what you want to see, and it would be perfect.
Liked the old design better, it had the a medieval vibe to it. Also, this new one is hard to navigate a bit, took me a sec to figure out you can click on Forums and not the dropdown to get the layout like the old forums.
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