Formations bug/unplayable

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How few play with formations?

Did you still notice that the formations are now broken?
almost always
I like you, but how can you release such a patch?
Or the main thing, the shock troops of the Northmen no longer have shields mhhhhh

almost 1 week ... The singleplayer is now unplayable because of the formations (& my shock troops)
[Yes, it's ok for F1F3 players]

& the multiplayer is almost unplayable because of the 2-handed weapons, the flags & the short playing time.

It makes me so angry that you listen to people who want to have the game better for themselves while the community gets hit one after another in the face.

Try to question the silent community.
I know: hard
But better for all of us


what is the problem with your formation? you didn't provide a detailed description

i posted a thread a while ago about formations being bugged out, and everyone is in permanent loose formation. this turns out to be a situation caused by an mounted lord leading unmounted troops formation and the solution is to select the formation and use f5 to dismount the lord, and then he'll join the troops on foot instead of stand near the cavalry. and at the point you can form your troops normally
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