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1) Sieges. As a vassal, I have participated in 3 or 4 sieges now, and every siege the AI army leader only builds either a siege ram or a ram and one siege tower before commencing the attack. Mangonels are way more accurate right now and they're targetting siege engines (which is good), but this causes them to always be destroyed before they reach the walls. The soldiers do not attack the gate, so an army of 1200 troops can lose more than half their troops due to ladder AI also not being great yet.

Solution needed: AI lords sieging settlements need to be forced to build all the siege engines necessary before commencing the siege. 2 towers and a battering ram should be mandatory, so that at least 1 siege engine has a chance to reach the walls. Also, catapults and trebuchets are pretty much never built by the attacking AI, so we need a small rework on how the sieges work so that they can build offensive siege engines automatically in RESERVE so that the defensive mangonels have a counter by the attacking force, so siege engines on the attacking side don't get absolutely demolished. Also you can consider increasing the HP for siege towers and battering rams, they get destroyed very quickly by the multi-projectile flamey mangonels.

2) Formations. Every time my infantry is in a shield wall formation and I want to reposition them, they move VERY slowly when I tell them to hold a certain position. But when I charge they move at decent speed. Please bring back the way it worked before, give them decent speed when repositioning as well, so we don't have to change formation to line just to reposition our troops a few meters ahead or back. Thank you!
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