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@Duh_TaleWorlds I am not sure if you are the one to message but someone to see this quickly because of how frustrating it is. When your the commander of an army then other party leaders take roles for the other formations. however how they choose those roles is terrible. I will speak to my situation only. I am in a party with 3 other of my clan members and willowbark, who is a infantry person keeps taking the archer formations, so after an hour of it I disbanded the group, re equipped with archer gear and made another party, then with an archer setup, she now takes command each time for infantry. I am not sure this is a major issue when in a huge army with 10 lords but I would like to see something where if we are the commander we could atleast assign our clan members to roles before others, each time I switch willowbarks gear and make her another group she then takes a different role and it each time, doesn't take a random role each battle, I will say being able to change their gear while not in your party could help the case which I think you could do in Warband if you talked to them but now I have an equipped archer leading the infantry and I have to keep breaking group and switching gear till they get assigned proper roles. It is a major issue since you can lose a ton of captain perks and they might not have a shield when defaulted to infantry or no bow when defaulted to archer, hope you get what I mean, and sry again if this isn't your area if you could ask who is to check this out please
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