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Here are threads listed which are floating around in the Forge, a bit organised in categories. They contain useful informations, code bases to build up on and/or hints for where to look for something to reach a specific effect. They are not providing finished scripts! (in most cases :fruity:).

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Modding Q&A Board 1
This post contains all information snippets which have been collected at the old Modding Q&A thread. I will sort them into the other categories later, it's just a placeholder for now until I get the time for that. Again, some stuff might be outdated, so watch out for the date and think by yourself if it can be achieved easier meanwhile. It's mixed stuff, so there are scripts, foundations for scripts, feature ideas and informations all together.

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Modding Q&A Board 2
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Modding Q&A Board 3
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Modding Q&A Board 4
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Posting to keep track, before commenting, because my google fu is not great.

EDIT: Right, to the task at hand.
REVIEW/COMMENT on script: Special Merchant (Code-OSP) (up for review)
I've used the solution offered by gdwitt in the final part of the Opening Post. The script(s) he offers work as intended, doing the job of treating various NPCs as "special" merchants, giving them the possibility to refresh their inventories after a while. The only problem is that along with whatever it is you want them to sell, those merchants sell all the other items they own, basically whatever is in their item pool.
One solution to this would be to make other custom troops, who have in their inventory just the things you want them to sell(so, basically, one troop that is the merchant and one that is the "inventory"). Not the most elegant, but it works.
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I have finished crawling through the Forge. OP is updated with the next plans, starting with moving all OSP threads to the other boards.

I am not sure if it would be useful to collect all the other informative and helpful code snippets into new threads, linking to the old ones. What do you think?
You may also find similar threads in the singleplayer/multiplayer forums e.g. The Warlord's Den, with people asking questions about the game that could be solved by working on the module system
This reminds me of my first post on the forum: Disable food spoiling rotting
Some people may be looking for that kind of information at some point so it could be great to have them in the list as well. What do you think?
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