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Forge Bow and Crossbow İn Smithing

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Hi everone ,

I think If we forge bow and crossbow at smithing ıt would be nice. Also we can rename our bow or crossbow and add some shush element would be nice too.

Another idea is If we can add clan mark on our all type of weapon ıts would be nice too.

I want to hear your comment :smile:

Update 1

Yes I know ıts not a new Idea

Repair our equipments ıts would be good because our horse can be lame but we take many arrow but our armor dont broke also any weapon type too. Shields can broke but ıt repair it self every battle

In game we have wood but we can use only for coal but when we open a wood workshop in there they can do bow shield crosbow but we cant do it.
Then smithing skill will be crafting and its can be separate part

Good Day.
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The choice of bows in the game is not great, crossbows - half a dozen. You can make a crafting mod through the menu. Actually, I already did it. There is nothing daunting in the process itself. Unlike problems with rebalancing :smile:


Do you understand that working with wood and working with metal are two different professions?
Of course, I understand) But I am also proficient enough in various crafts to say that a real master can use any material. Wood, iron, bone (bow horns), horsehair (for the bowstring), glue from fish, even plastic is used (oil refining). If it would be more pleasant for you, then you can set a skill qualification (increasing the complexity of the product, in the absence of perks, like "woodworking", "metal smelting", etc.).
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