Forest Bandits Hideouts and more Hideout Fixes

How would you like to see the Forest Bandit Hideout Changed?

  • New Map

    Votes: 2 100.0%
  • Fewer Archers, More Infantry

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  • Nerf Forest Bandits

    Votes: 1 50.0%
  • Increase Party Size

    Votes: 1 50.0%
  • Add Multiple Stages to a Raid when Faced with +30 Bandits

    Votes: 1 50.0%
  • None of the above!

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I was thinking the Forest Bandit Hideout map needs a change. The Forest Bandits all aggro as soon as you attack most of the groups / mobs and given the difficulty of trying to change the line of sight of units I reckon the way to fix the hideout easily is to change the map to have more cliffs/ obstacles, like, in that of mountain and desert bandit hideouts, to at least separate some of the groups and stop them all converging on the player/ party. This would create a more linear approach for the player and his party and prevent the overwhelming number of archers, that the forest bandits have, from all shooting at you from each one of their spawn points / camp locations creating an impossible scenario with anything more than 20/30 bandits.

With hideouts in general. The number of troops you can bring should vary on the numbers of bandits that are in the hideout, say for every 10 over 30 bandits you should gain one more troop. Someone suggested using the roguery skill to enable you to bring more troops which could also provide some balance but this may reduce the challenge later on but perhaps implemented on a small scale, so, every 50/75 levels to add a troop wouldn't hurt. I don't see tabbing out after picking off some of the bandits as a good mechanic as your sacrificing loot/ cheesing the game.

A troop selection screen prior to a hideout would be good to give the player more control over the tactical side of things and also avoids the problem of bringing rubbish companions with half health etc etc but granted you can do this in the clans menu as some have said.

Maps for Hideouts in general could do with different generations, I like the design of the other Hideout Maps, (Desert, Sea Raider, Steppe, Mountain) but perhaps more generations are needed for them with different topographies and level design to mix up the challenge.

Thanks TaleWorlds, much of my 30+ hours have been spent trying to attack bandit lairs and I really enjoy the small scale combat and necessity for clever tactics to get the boss and his boys, some adjustments are needed though and look forward to any comments/ suggestions on this!
Hideouts should feel like hideouts not open fields etc otherwise why would you not just ride them down with your full cavalry force ?
Forest bandits are disgustingly accurate I tried fighting fire with fire once and took all T5 palatines and still got wrecked.
Have not tried with Fian champions yet they are bloody amazing archers but even then when the hideout has 50+ men and you can take a mere 8....
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