Forced peace if 75% of enemy lords are in captivity

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I came to a point where I had basically every single lord of a faction in captivity but still the faction wouldnt give up. They still demanded about 600 dinars as trebute for making peace. I think if a faction is so overwhelmingly lost, it should just give up without any demands. If about 75% of the enemy factions lords are in captivity, they should see the war is lost and give up the fight.


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Logically they should but logic's been dropped when they were given the ability to hire minor clans even while being captive in your own party. 75% captive lords easily can be compensated, especially by the imperial factions, as they can hire 10+ minor clans at the same time.


75% just in lords is too much i'd say.
There should be a better power rating for the war, a more detailed one with all actions that influence the war. Similar how it's in Crusader Kings 3, so you can't maintain a war indefinitely. Hence you either you come to an agreement at 75% of that bar which includes field battles, lords, raids, castles, town, raided caravans and villagers. You pay if they are reached that, they pay if you reached that. Or the war is automatically ended at 100% of that bar and the loser has to pay highest tribute.
In any case, after peace happens, war can't be declared against same faction before at least one week has passed. Something like this would seem better i think.


maybe not forced automatic peace, but make it so that clan leaders who are captive, or have a significant portion of their clan members (who can lead armies, so this doesn't include children) imprisoned (50%+) always want to vote for peace, so that if you capture enough of them, they'll be willing to pay YOU tribute for peace

also tribute calculations should take mobile strength (soldiers out in the field led by lords) way more into account than garrison strength. it makes no sense that a powerful faction with 4000 garrison strength but only has 200 mobile strength because they just suffered a huge defeat against a smaller faction who has 2000 in garrison strength and 1000 in mobile strength wants the smaller faction to pay tribute for peace?! it should be the larger faction that wants to pay tribute so that they can recover from their devastating loss and avoid the smaller faction pressing the advantage to snatch a castle or city away from them, in the knowledge that they can build up a bigger army and strike back later when they're ready
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