[For those with some industry experience] When do you think Bannerlord will really leave Early Access?

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There is quite a bit of gameplay content missing that was in Warband and isn't in Bannerlord. If they re-add that stuff, and then finish their announced rebellions and dynasty systems and crime systems, fill out the missing scenes, and do the necessary bugfixing and balancing still required, then it would be safe to call this game a "full game" in terms of content, and a good sequel.
Agreed. The majority of missing stuff from Warband is not very complex, so I have hopes they actually manage to implement most of it in the next 6 months. Which makes a 2021 release realistic.


1.5.6 will fix lots of bugs, I'm seeing lots of "this bug is fixed and will be implemented with upcoming patches" on the bug report page

Sounds promising, are there any news about performance and optimization (if there are bugs preventing the game from running better)? The requirements on the store page right now are a bit "off" in my opinion.

Other than that, I am starting to regain my optimism for this game.
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