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For those who still think, that the skins wouldn't be monetized

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who cares at this point, no one is waiting for that, once custom server files are released they can do whatever they want, also mods can make those skins free LMAO
Now you’ve nailed it right on the head. Gee, I wonder why they won’t release the private server files…


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I don't mind micro-transactions as long as all that money goes into multiplayer growth.
Although I'm sad gaming has brought us to accept these things as standard practise in later years.

Skins are not OK. I liked that in warband every piece of gear had at least tiny bit different stats. Very immersive. So far in bannerlord this is still a thing so if they add skins on top of that it will be very confusing. Like is this a different spear or the same one but different skin. Another bad decision.
100% understand this opinion aswell, mostly I'd want weapon skins but even that is tricky.
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