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For rome is the roman mod for mount and blade warband it plays in time of emperor claudius and has a lots of interesting new features:

You won't win titus, you won't and you never will. Because no matter how strong, big, intelligent you are, we are one. We are with an number of 200 troops but we are one, we operate as one union.

The horde of germans came closer and closer the distance was around 50 feet, when the centurio shouted pilum ready!, 200 pilums were aimed at the same time, the distance was around 20 feet then the centurio shouted shoot!, at the exact same time 200 pilums rained upon the first rank of hostile troops, Causing terror and fear upon the enemy.

The commander had already positioned all his troop before the battle began, giving a great advantage to the roman troops. (pre battle orders and deployment implented)

Further the ai of the legions has been improved, they use formations and fight as one union.

adding ballista's (in non sieges also) shooting pots of fire and ballista arrows these are also used by the defender
WIP the adding of battering rams
WIP troops actually climb ladders so they dont just can use their shield while "walking" up a wall
fire arrows to set wooden woodifications on fire

trade on sea, lords on sea, sea battles, sea raiders
controllable ships with artillery on them, with sails and wind and rams working
shoot sail with fire arrows to stop ship

roman legionair troops added with gladius scutum and armor
roman praetorian with blue shield
cavalry with spatha
special tribune armor
special general armors (proconsul, general, legatus)
special centurio and optio armors
standarbeares with standars and special armors
special shield destroying pilum (become slower when hit)

custom diplomacy with a financial, war, political, building, and assassin master

BE A GLADIATOR are you the new Spartacus?
become of the types gladiator and first practice and then fight in the colloseum itself!!

Further (less important updates)
fog and rain improved a lot (normally almost NEVER)
better hair models, textures and better character creation
lent money, get rent on money and store money at the royal bank
instant speak to village elder
also recruit in towns (realism)
drowning underwater (water)
33% die change when falling of horse (balancing script)
morale has been improved making it better
head decapitation
arm decapitation

Part 1 Attack of the city walls.
The siege will not be won at won strike, a quick walking up the ladder to face an equal siege battle, no sieges have changed. The first battle is the battle for the walls, but no soldiers spawning in the courtyard but a battle for the walls, the walls are full of enemies, troops are shooting trough the holes finally so it will be a hell of a pain to capture the city walls and that my friends this is only the beginning....

Part 2 Welcome in the city
There is a new battle system so you cant simply attack all the walls in one time, no you have multiple walls you can attack from two sides, or focus at one massive attack. But when you captured the walls what are you going to do? Take the other walls, what should be a small effort because the forces are located mostly to your side. Or shall you pierce the streets to reach the center of the city in one time? leaving your back unprotected to the enemy?
It will look easy to capture the city streets, but there are barricades setup with legionares behind them, your troops will have to climb the barricade vulnerable to a rain of pilum from the legionares and vulnerable to archers standing on surrounding buildings. There is NO retreat, NO surrender every defender will fight till dead killing as much people as needed to secure his family.

Part 3 The center
You could call it a last stand, you could call it pathetic, you could even call it heroic, but its neither of these in the heart of the city will be one final clash for victory...

Part 4 general siege improvements
The siege tower came closer, the defenders could hear the noise of the soldiers inside it they made themself ready for the impact. The ballista's shot a desperate last round and one second it seem like the tower was going down, but they were lucky the tower landed and troops entered the wall.

There it was again, the entire wall shaked as the battering ram hit the gate, you saw the dust falling down, the terrified look of the defenders on the wall. But the gate held, for now.

Earlier they had tried to climb the walls with ladders, but the soldiers that were trying to climb the ladders where shot down easily as they had no protection while climbing. Many ladders where trown down, but they had no choice then to continue.

video (battle trailer and gladiators)


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