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Can someone explain how that blocking/attacking worked in the video to me? Is it the same as MB just with three directions instead of four?
And I think automatic blocking if your sword is in the right position. (Could be wrong, but that is what it looked like)
I don't mind a level up system. Gives you something to work towards, a sense of accomplishment.
Nice to see they tried to implement half swording in the knights moveset, even if judging by the gameplay and characters, realism definitely isn't the goal there. Not that it's a bad thing, arcadey mindless bashing can always be fun, and there are other games if you want something more close to actual medieval fighting. Will probably try it out.
Technical beta came my way. Gameplay mechanics are sound, but there's some clunkiness in movement and camera control. Matchmaking & connection stability are serious issues right now, I'd assume because it's client-hosted and host migration is always messy. It's only an issue in the team vs. team mode, duel connectivity has been flawless so far. The real letdown is balance, which will be the greatest challenge the game faces going forward. Guard breaks have the smallest window for counters and worst-case scenario with a guard break that doesn't miss is a stalemate. If they're not countered you get a free attack, so there's nothing to lose unless you miss entirely. In team vs. team people just love running away from losing fights because you can passively heal in capture points controlled by your team, and there's practically nothing you can do to stop someone from running off. All of that is stuff you could learn to play with, but the deal-breaker is individual character balance. One of the samurai dudes is unique in that he can dodge and attack simultaneously, which means with some decent reaction time you'll never take damage and you'll always land free hits. He can also do a forward dash attack, sitting safely out of range to charge it up and then closing the gap with a strong blow. The other 5 characters play well against each other, but the 6th guy ruins it. I've never seen one with fewer than 10 kills in a team vs. team game (everyone else would be at <=6 usually) and I've never managed to kill one by myself. I'd like to think it's just because I'm bad, but most of my time has been spent in duel mode and I'm undefeated there (because I've never faced that samurai **** in duel).
Every time I see this thread,  I chuckle because I think of the Oglef web comic "No, your other honor."

"Victory at sea!"
Had some more duels, won them all, still no broken samurai dude players there. Had a guy foaming at the mouth in pure rage after a set because he could barely ever hit me. I was playing the only guy with a shield, which 99% of the time is functionally the same as everyone else with regards to blocking. The other 1% is panic autoblock-everything turtle-mode that I only use against multiple opponents to buy time (so I never use it in duel, it's pointless 1v1). Guy apparently thought that I was using the turtle-mode thingy for every single attack he ever made, which is quite funny because there's a big visual cue when it's active (shield glows orange) so he should've known better. He also never, ever, ever attacked without hitting me with a guard break first, but he'd always shoot himself in the foot and follow it up with a second guard break, which triggers what the game oddly calls a throw (only one guy can actually throw opponents, he's pretty fun). It's just an additional knockback, so he'd always open me up then push me out of his own range and try to follow up with a big heavy attack. :roll:

I don't know why I haven't seen a single Orochi player (that's the broken samurai class) in duel, and it's beginning to bother me. The beta forums are full of people complaining about guard breaks, Orochi, and running away, in that order. It's so odd to have never seen a single one when every 4v4 match has at least one. I've seen up to 2 on each team at once, which was also the only time I've ever seen one with less than 10 kills. His whole shtick seems like it would be great in duels, with high aggression and constant pressure all while avoiding damage. My guess (backed up by reported matchmaking activity) is that most people just aren't playing duel, which is sad IMO because it sure as hell beats the 4v4 mode where most fights you get into result in your opponent running away or his teammates bailing him out. There's a 2v2 mode visible but you can't play it right now. If it's TDM like I think it is then that would be excellent because 2v2 is just the right size to not be a cluster**** for this game, and the Battlefield-style conquest 4v4 mode got old fast after everyone realized that kills don't matter (and in fact are entirely unnecessary) until one team's tickets prevent them from respawning.
Double post, but it's not like anyone else is posting in this thread.

The 2v2 mode was made available yesterday. It's best-of-five arena TDM with no objective other than killing the opposing team. Since you can't be outnumbered more than 2v1 and there's nothing to gain from running away, people will actually fight. That makes 2v2 and duel the better game modes, IMO.

Guard break is still too easy but there's really no other way to stop someone from turtling up 100% of the time. Orochi still does too much damage considering how often he gets free hits, but right now since most people aren't particularly good at playing him it's not so bad. Most people playing Orochi are just super aggressive and try to intimidate you into turtling, when all you have to do to counter that aggression is smack 'em.
Should be named "Falling to Your Death: An Illustrated Guide," or "Everything You Need to Know about Running Away."

Also, finally ran into a good Orochi player in 2v2. It's like trying to swing a sword at smoke. It's there, your sword made contact, but nothing happened and now you're dead from carbon monoxide poisoning.
Tried the alpha last night, only for about 10 minutes.  Its... ehhh. I mean if you want a mount & blade / chivalry style game this wont be it.

I did just one duel and the training. Don't know all the mechanics but its probably a bit closer to a dark souls with directional blocking, but not as smooth, not that dark souls is that great in pvp IMHO.

However this is a AAA game, so it looks great and will probably have good market penetration. This will just be one more game for people to compare future melee games to in the future without knowing about m&b and its ilk.

Mechanically it was basically holding left trigger to be in block mode, moving the right analog stick around to the direction to block or attack from. There were some 'push' and guard breaks that I didn't play with.  I mean there was a game there for sure, just, really hard to justify playing this over one of the more fleshed out melee games out there.

I'd bargin bin this game for sure, but won't be dropping 60 on its release.
Reapy said:
However this is a AAA game, so it looks great and will probably have good market penetration. This will just be one more game for people to compare future melee games to in the future without knowing about m&b and its ilk.

The game looks impressive in some ways- for example, you can pick an opponent up and dump them on the ground, plus you can knock them off high places such as bridges, which looks cool- but I think with the growing profile Bannerlord has (the video from Gamescom, just a month old, has over 1,200,000 views and is the most viewed Bannerlord video on Youtube), games like For Honor are increasingly going to have to up their game in the next few years, as the M&B series becomes more widely known about. Sure, some players will always prefer games like For Honor, with the relatively simplistic combat, movie style combos and lots of HUD and visual damage effects (e.g. those flashes when a weapon is swung) but I think a significant part of the For Honor community could be tempted away when Bannerlord launches. Horse combat and hundreds of players on a single server is likely to awe a lot of players, even those who think the game a little ugly or find the combat system discouraging.
DanAngleland said:
The game looks impressive in some ways- for example, you can pick an opponent up and dump them on the ground, plus you can knock them off high places such as bridges, which looks cool
Orion said:
Should be named "Falling to Your Death: An Illustrated Guide," or "Everything You Need to Know about Running Away."

I said the first bit because of the two things you just mentioned. Most 2h axe guys will run away from you until you give up or commit to attacking, then they'll try to pick you up and throw you off of/onto something. Most everyone else will try to pressure you towards a ledge or other hazard and then push you into it. There's also a map with two narrow footbridges crossing part of the playable area, and people sometimes sit up there waiting for instant-kill lock-on drop attacks in the 4v4 team mode. Basically, any way to cheese an instant-kill was the way to go.

I said the second bit because any time you couldn't cheese an instant-kill in 4v4, you spammed heavy attacks because they don't stagger you when blocked and they deal lots of damage. Once you took a few hits, you'd run away to go passively heal in a control point. Rinse and repeat. Any time you're outnumbered you just run, because your opponents practically aren't penalized for hitting each other with their attacks so they'll spam you to death. Any time you're losing a 1v1 you can probably disengage and lead your opponent on a stupid chase until they put themselves in a bad position.
Eh, I've been watching a Finnish streamer play this a bit lately and it does look like a good bit of fun, definitely not worth the 60 moneys though.
So far I haven't seen most of the problems that have been mentioned here, but trying to cheese people off of ledges and **** is really popular.
Duel (1v1) and Brawl (2v2) don't have most of the issues I've mentioned. Ledges and hazards are the only concerns in those. The 4v4 mode is a ****-show from beginning to end, and if people aren't running away from half of their fights yet then give it a day or two for the new testers to figure that out.
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