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For a game with a price of only ¥178 , BL 2 is worth more. But what we are not satisfied with is that the content of the game is not rich en

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Just like my title, I love this game very much. I also know that the price is worth more than this game, but I am still not satisfied, because for its potential, this game can become an epic masterpiece, but it has not been achieved. You have been worried that you pay so much effort, but the return is not as much as you pay, but for our players, as long as the game is fun, the price is not very sensitive, At the same time, we also know how hard you have made. We will not complain about your price increase,But looking at the framework, the game is really good, but the problem of empty content must be solved immediately. At the same time, I also need dynamic weather, day and night cycle, wet body in rain, active hair, and urban RPG interaction. These are all things that should be done well. You can add money to do these well. If you can make real-time global illumination, you can ask for more. Unable to update a version to save more bugs, which is too unprofessional。in addition, there are still many lighting errors in cities and towns. Some places, especially in the stables and the fortresses of the city wall, have a lot of black. The ground slope of the cities and towns is too steep. In addition to the city wall level and the granary barracks, the level 2 and level 3 cities and towns have not been upgraded. There are too many weeds on the ground. When the characters talk, their facial expressions change too fast and not too much. There are also some cities and towns that do not have light, only shadows, and are not beautiful.I am a tourist. I like to visit all the castle towns and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Middle Ages. There are too many village trees in Valandia, which seem to have no intention of planning. In addition, there should be some witches and hunters' houses, which lack religious confrontation and evil deeds, and even some mysterious events (that is, some murders, but disguised as ghosts and other tasks), and also need the task of town construction, The houses in cities and towns can be built and decorated internally。In the Middle Ages, one of the most important issues should be religious issues. Those missionaries took advantage of their power, pretended to be compassionate, robbed men and women behind their backs, became corrupt, stole worldly power, as well as internal religious conflicts, and also built churches. These can be very fun to play.In addition, in the siege war, the ladder should not be placed directly under the city wall. Soldiers should be allowed to cut down trees to make the siege ladder at the scene and fill the moat with corpses. The siege gun should have the chance to destroy the city wall on the spot, and the computer should read the tactics to reorganize the troops at the collapsed place. In addition, there should be houses in other cities and towns that can be destroyed. There are hidden soldiers inside who launch a surprise attack, and then the sky suddenly thunders heavily, and the wind howls, People should also hide in their houses and have more animations when they are intruded, such as escape, call signs, etc., to make the siege more tragic。So there are many things that can be improved here, and the arena is not only chopping each other with knives, but also the cavalry lance hedge competition. You can refer to the mobile game "Knight duel" to make the arena better.I also need to plan for the initial time of birth. For example, I was born in a cobbler's family. When I opened my eyes, I could see the cobbler's father making shoes under the dim light, while my mother was sewing and cleaning. The city was dilapidated, dirty and chaotic. When it was dark, I went out of the house and looked up at the sky. The stars were shining, the moonlight was dim, and I could hear the barking of dogs and frogs. In the distance, I could see the lighting torches on the castle, Only there is very bright, and then every residential building starts to work at dawn,There are also children who help to work, or squat on the ground to play, which is the life of the poor, and some emergencies, or my father sent me to the blacksmith shop to learn to forge iron. These all need animation and editing, which can well match the origins, skills, and so on selected when entering the game, rather than just an option, with a better sense of substitution.
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The problem is not that Bannerlord doesn't have value for money. It does. It's crammed with stuff.

The problem is that the many features don't work properly due to balance/big/design issues, so the game isn't fun.

It's like buying a gourmet hamburger with Wagyu beef packed full of ingredients, but the meat patty is still raw.

Armour balance, spear and glaive balance, pike bracing, voting, personality traits, lord relations, minor factions, morale, troop AI, companion leveling... All these features and more are present, but still "uncooked".
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But most are far worse
Yes plenty of companies do much worse. But is mediocrity really the gold standard that a company should aim for? "Hey at least we aren't the worst." :iamamoron: That's not something to boast about. Imho with the staff, and time that Taleworlds has had this game should've been much more. Period.

Edit: To be clear I'm not talking about quantity I'm talking about quality. If a game mechanic is going to be put in the game then it should be integrated in and useful for the player not just thrown in haphazardly or with no real idea of how it's going to work.
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