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Interesting "old" tread. I am looking forward to new sounds.
I didn't know I wanted it, but now I hope there will be a more heavy massive marching sound.

Patch 1.6.2:
  • Added idle animation sounds for soldiers.
i will pay extra attention to this next time I play :smile:

Ser Jon

Sergeant at Arms
Agreed. It is unmistakably immersion breaking not being able to hear larger numbers better than, say, about twenty soldiers.

That is something that always weirds me out too. You can hear a group of 30 horsemen approaching, but not the 300 footmen. Somehow, all those warriors walk like it’s a ballet.

There should be some sort of amplification of the sound, turning it into a rumble.

For immersion sake, some factions could even have a more coordinated rumble (empire, vlandia and maybe aserai)

They were trained in the ways of ninjutsu, of course. lol
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