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Kentucky James said:
I don't know if I'd be able to bear the nationalism if britain England won though. There's a rising inferiority complex National Pride (more so than usual, even) amongst nationalists God's own that's been festering since the end of the falklands war the begining of time, and winning the world cup would be too much of a shock for what is essentially the Poland holy land of western europe.
Fixed for u
Lord Brutus said:
The news said 25 minutes of stoppage time, which seems a ridiculously large amount for a team trailing 2-1.  The time for the tying goal was listed at 115th minute.

Edit: Upon investigation, the news estimate of stoppage time was incorrect, it was extra time.  Confusion has been removed.
Aww look at you, trying to understand footballsoccer, proud of you brutus  :party:
France got a free goal after a foul that didn't happen and then another one after a meme-handball. A brutal, savage and unforgivable foul with malice of forethought on Mandžukič in the penalty area ignored.

A clear and shameful display of anti-Slav prejudice and conspiracy by France and the referee.
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