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Croatia-Denmark: two lucky goals by both teams in the first 4 minutes, and then an even match. Croatia winning the penalty shoot-out.
Thought Croatia would have won easily, but Denmark was surprisingly dominating at times.
Cool, two of my three favored teams, Russia and Croatia (since my most favored, Germany, was eliminated) have advanced, and Sweden is coming up in a couple days. Might be three for three.
Englands side of the tournament is quickly becoming hilarious.

Russia, Croatia and either Switzerland or Sweden. It's coming home.

Except natually, we will loose to Colombia instead
Yah but Tite is one to go down with his players. I dont think he'll start FIrmino next match, probably coming on start of second half.

I think a lot of people seem to feel pity on gabriel jesus, maybe cause of his permanently crying face, and keep blabbing about how he is important tactically. Like firmino doesnt does that even better in liverpool.
Well I watched that game as a neutral (slightly wanting Colombia to win at the start cause y'know can't have Engerland getting all happy now :razz: ) but the way those Colombian players conducted themselves in the first 90 minutes was unreal.

I'm well and truly glad England got through there.
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