In Progress Foot troops suddenly routing despite winning battle with very low casualties

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No, I didn't use any mods.


Summary: Usually very few of my troops rout in battles but recently I was fighting a defensive battle where we outnumbered and outclassed the opponent. Tore them to pieces with archers as they approached, took very few if any casualties and then as their cavalry charged in half of my infantry suddenly turned and ran before even being hit by the cav. All of the rest of my foot troops routed in this battle even though we were winning the entire time and still won it quite easily. I had morale over 70. I'm not sure if perhaps the enemy lord has perks that reduce enemy morale and they have stacked or something like that. There was an enemy army just outside of reinforcement range for this battle so perhaps they had been included in the balance of power calculation for morale.
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perhaps the enemy lord has perks that reduce enemy morale
this probably is the case. The cavalry charge can also break the morale of your troops. I will forward the issue to the devs to ask if there is anything unusual about the scenario. Thank you for reporting it in.
I don't know if this is related but I have groups of 25 looters routing after I solo kill like 4-6 of them. I do have Realistic Battle AI mod enabled on 1.6 though.
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