Food Bug?

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I take castel from sturgia.
I form kingdom.
I wait with my 250 garrinson + my 250 man army for sturgia to come.
Sturgia comes with 850 men.
Me: Hehe i think its doable i got 1731 grain in my inventory and i think i win if they assault!!!
My garrinson starved and and dropped hard after only 2/3 days. Despite having food for all they still starved...

Paradox please fix...? Dont tell me its woking as intended...


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Yeah, only the towns food count for feeding the garrison and the garrison gets starved first. Can't feed them when you're there, can't directly fill the grainer, have to sell to the market but oh no the price drops low and caravans will come buy back up, even though your town still doesn't have enough. It's silly.


You can sell right before the siege. As no caravans can enter, the food remains in town during the siege. Problem solved


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Idk why they won't just add an option to deposit grain tin the granary of a town or castle you rule. There are mods that allow it if you want to use one.
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