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Following army after marshall defeated?

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Soooo....I'm following a marshall for the kingdom I joined. We win a battle. I have about 150 troops left & he has 11. We are waylaid by a party with over 400, with a smaller enemy party involved as well. The marshall tries to run, but with his 11 troops & 80 prisoners he can't outrun the 400. Sorry, I'm not going to lose my troops defending him. Anyways....

I get the message he is defeated, but escapes. I'm rather surprised because I didn't get the message 'Follow the marshall quest is cancelled'. I do my own thing for a while then get the message 'You are not following the marshall, but will not be penalized'. Gee, I'm sorry. Was I supposed to hold his hand while he was in the hospital or something?

I still like Viking Conquest better than Bannerlord, because Bannerlord is basically unwinnable, but I don't remember some of these things happening before.
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