Fog of war mechanic: Great concept but needs more tools

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After playing 1.8. for a few days one thing that drastically changed is this new Fog of War mechanic that doesn't allow the player to view all kinds of information for any given settlement.
I think this mechanic has a lot of potential but just lacks the supporting tools to feel more than just an annoyance at this stage. So down here i will write some of the supporting tools and mechanics i came up while playing the patch on stream and talking to my viewers:

  1. INFORMATION DIARY: In this case an information diary is a simple "reminder" mechanic.

    if the player has explored (directly inside) a town or village at least once a "reminder" of that place should be created to view once the player will be out of reach and view of the settlement. This reminder can work in a few ways and scouting skill will be essential to narrow down the numbers or keeping them around for longer.

    1.1) The information that gets created will be perfect for the first few days and then start to decline in accuracy depending on time, this can be impacted by the scouting skill to have a faster or slower decline. The numbers should decline until the player will have to visit or come close to the settlement again.

  2. SCOUTING: The numbers of the settlement variable and the existence of quests should be more or less accurate depending on the scouting skill of the party scout with the last scouting perk receiving the added bonus of having perfect information on all settlements and heroes (it is called "uncanny insight" after all) basically the last scouting perk gives the player the ability of using the encyclopedia the same way we did before 1.8.

  3. QUESTS: If i recall correctly it's no longer possible to view what kind of quest a village, town or hero is willing to give us from the encyclopedia. This is honestly just annoying for the early game as it doesn't allow the player to seek for the juicy and more impactful quests. This can get especially annoying when it's our Kingdom we are talking about. we should be able to know if Sivibort needs seeds even if we aren't in the village. Likewise we should know if a lord or notable needs help if we are friends with them. From a RP prospective these people trust us and should be willing to tell us (encyclopedia wise) if they need help.

    Let me know what you think
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