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Have patch 3 installed and have been playing a bit.  Is there any hope that the pink and purple hair will go away (I really do not think that 'punk' was that big in the 13th century) with some of the NPCs?  I see pink on the Lord of Tihr and purple on folks with what I believe is gray hair in the towns.
Minor possible bug?

I was trying to use the feature of 'Troops to hero upgrade', from what I gathered you go to your camp to do it. But all my companions seem to be scared of having their own space:
and all seem to have merged.

The merging is an obvious bug. But are my high tier troops lost in there so I can't talk to them, is it a separate bug that I can't recruit them or am I just doing it wrong?


The troop to hero upgrade was not enabled in 2.5.

Not sure as to why your camp looks like that.


SergeantEpson said:
Thanks. And if it's just a unique bug for me I'll live with it.
Will it be enabled in 2.6?
I have no clue. So far nobody has decided to develop it further, because other things were more pressing/interesting (seafaring, economy,tpe, pbod, scenes, etc).
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