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Floris 2.5 Beta

Dear Testers of the open beta for the Floris Expanded Mod Pack version 2.5, thank your very much for participating in this beta. We hope you will enjoy playing, testing and reporting. Of course you do not have to actively help us, you can just play and enjoy this early "release", but if you want to support us and make sure that the full release is as bugless as possible, then i bid you to read the following and adhere to the points laid out:

This is a list of all things included in version 2.5. You can use it to learn about the mod and its specific features, so you know what you should be able to do, see, hear and find in the game.

In total 143 sources have been bundled together:
Animations (2 mod):

Items (44 mods):

Music (4 mods):

Scene Props (9 mods):

Scenes (6 mods):

Scripts (33 mods and scripts):

Skins (8 mods):

Sounds (4 mods):

Textures (14 mods):
Note: One or more textures on this 3D model have been created with images from CGTextures.com. These images may not be redistributed by default, please visit www.cgtextures.com for more information.

And of course (1 game):

Floris specific works and works by Floris members (18 works):
  • [OSP] Character Creation v1.0, Credit: Windyplains, inspired by the work of Rubik
  • [OSP] Faction Arms Coloured v1.0, Credit: Monnikje
  • Freelancer v1.3, Credit: taragoth, the Freelancer Team and the Floris Team
  • [OSP] Estates of the Realm v1.0, Credit: Windyplains
  • [OSP] Floris Item Overhaul, Credit: Monnikje
  • [OSP] Floris Scene Overhaul, Credit: Monnikje
  • [OSP] Floris Specific Items, Credit: Monnikje
  • [OSP] Fog of War, Credit: Duh
  • [OSP] Kingdom Management Tools v1.0.1, Credit: Windyplains
  • [OSP] Landowners/Moneylenders, Credit: Duh, inspired by the Bank of Calradia v2.0 by Garnier, Keedo420 and lazeras
  • [OSP] Map Icons reflecting scenes, Credit: Monnikje, based on the
  • [OSP] Multiple Troop Trees, Credit: Monnikje, Duh and Caba`Drin
  • [OSP] Pre-battle Orders & Deployment v0.91, Credit: Caba`drin
  • [OSP] Seafaring, Credit: Duh & Caba`Drin
  • [OSP] Special Troops and Tactics, Credit: Duh & Caba`Drin
  • [OSP] Trade Ledger, Credit: Caba`Drin
  • [OSP] Trade with Merchant Caravans, Credit: Caba`Drin
  • [OSP] Tournament Play Enhancements v1.3, Credit: Windyplains

Specific Information:


You will find an explanation of what it offers and all the code here: http://mbmodwiki.ollclan.eu/Seafaring

I need you to confirm that you can
- buy a ship in coastal towns for 50000 denars.
- sail with a ship with a party size + crew of minimum 30 men and maximum 90 men
- name your ship
- assign your ship a crew in town, landing, before battle
- send your ship to non-hostile towns with a sufficient crew only
- that you can dock a coastal town
- that you can land
- that you can disembark
- that your ship is stolen unguarded and its not stolen guarded (while remaining at land w/ or w/o a crew)
- that battles work and being captured will release you on land (crazy cam while you are a prisoner)
- that you can send away a ship when you land (with a sufficient crew)
- that all menus and presentations work
- generally no bugs or oddities occur

Seatrade balance

Just keep an eye on prosperity of coastal towns compared to those of towns on land. There should be a slight difference,
yet all states of prosperity (poor to rich) should be possible.

Stat units

There are now units in the game that - when you've got enough of them in your party - give overall bonusses. 
You will find the units in villages, towns and castles - depending on what unit kind they are. We need you to:
- check wether they give a bonus at all.
- check if they can be hired at all.

Merchants (town): 8 or more give a bonus of 3 to trade. 5 or more give a bonus of 2. More than 0 gives a bonus of 1.
Monks+Priest (town): Added together. 10 or more give a bonus of 3 to wound treatment. 5+ give a bonus of 2. 1+ give a +1 bonus.
Surgeons (castle): 10+ give a bonus of 3 to surgery. 5+ give +2 bonus. 1+ give +1 bonus.
Bishops: Upgrade Monk->Priest->Bishop. Having 1 or more Bishops in the party gives a +1 to leadership.
Hunter (village): 10+ give a +3 bonus to foraging. 5+ give +2 bonus. 1+ give +1 bonus.
Hunter (village): 5+ give a +2 bonus to tracking. 1+ give a +1 bonus.
Scout (castle): 10+ give a +2 bonus to spotting. 5+ give a +1 bonus.
Looters (recruited prisoners): 30+ give a +3 bonus to looting. 20+ give a +2 bonus. 10+ give a +1 bonus.
Manhunter to Slave driver: Added together. 40+ give a +3 bonus to prisoner management. 25+ give a +1 bonus to prisoner management.
10+ give a +1 bonus to prisoner management.

Fog of War

- confirm whether it works as intended: the towns, castles etc are hidden at the start of the game, 
but once explored, they stay visible.
- see whether you like this FoW or not, if it adds to the gaming experience, or if it's just a big nuisance.
- Can you turn it on and off at the start of the game and in the mod options?

Forced Recruiting

You should be able to use forced recruiting once every day on the cost of a relationship penalty with the village 
and the according faction, if its not the faction you joined or created. You should not be able to recruit normally 
after you forcefully recruited.
- confirm that it works as intended.

Custom Troops

After 3 days have passed, you will find the mercenary leader siguard in every tavern. Get some recruits and check whether you
can choose their equipment from a pool. They are all named NA, because monnikje hasnt had the chance to properly name them.
- Check whether there are any bugs

Troops to hero upgrade
-Seek out the required troops and check whether they can be upgraded to heros.
(Native troop tree set: Every End Tier Troop // RTTS: Tier 5 troops that dont upgrade to T6 // ETTS: T6 troops that dont upgrade to T7)

Confirm that you can
- Buy, build and sell land
- Borrow and Payback money
- Receive money every 2 weeks if you own land
- Receive a penalty if you dont pay back your debt after 4 weeks (then 2 weeks)
- The population of towns varies and changes based upon their prosperity.
- The bank overview that pops up every 2 weeks (or was it every week?) displays correct information about towns and your deadlines.


First, The Trade Ledger
-This is a book that the player can carry which will track the prices/profits of items as they go town to town to make it easier to make trading decisions or plan a trade route. When one owns a trade ledger, every time the player clicks "Assess prices" entries are made in the ledger tracking the Item, its Source Town, Destination Town, and predicted Profit, of the items that the "Assess prices" feture displays. The ledger can be sorted by any of those items. The player can also enter notes themselves...but can not make item/town/profit type recordings like the "Assess prices" option does. The player can also choose to delete entries to keep things more tidy.
-The Ledger is accessed from the Camp Menu under "Take an Action", just like other books.


Second, Merchant Caravans
-The goal is to have the merchant caravans be a bit more integral to the player's experience in Calradia by making them carry trade-route-appropriate goods that can be bought or stolen by the player.
-The snippets of code should refresh a merchant caravan's goods each time they leave a town for another destination, loaded with goods that would be most profitable on that traderoute. When the player meets a caravan, they can try to trade with them--depending on the player's renown and party size, the merchant may choose to let the player shop, or may say they are too busy and try to leave. When the player defeats a caravan to rob it, they won't get some random assortment of goods, but whatever the caravan is carrying from one town to the other.

-See that the new trading dialog options exist and work--that you can trade with the caravan master
-Check that the goods make sense for the caravan's route
-Check that you get those goods when you defeat a caravan

Using this sticky:

This sticky is meant for 2 things only:
  • Asking a question about a feature
  • Reporting on the beta (bugs/balance)
    If you want to actively participate in the beta and report, do not alter your beta in any way, shape or form. To report please create 1 post and use it until it is entirely filled. For that you will have to utilize the modify button on the top right of your post. Once it is full you can create a second post for more reports. When typing the bug report, please specify any relevant options you ticked (formations on/off, which troop tree you've choosen). If you tried any alternatives (tried it with formations on, and with formations off), please write it down too. Let me give an example of a bad report and a good report:
    I can't see any crossbows when starting the game!
    When I start a new game, I can't see the crossbow I wield in the opening scene. I tried all six starting towns. Despite the fact that the crossbow is invisible, I can still shoot with it. Once I kill the bandit, or he knock me down, I can continue playing without any problems, altough during the game any other crossbow is invisible. I looked at all three the Rhodok towns (other factions don't seem to sell any crossbows), and all crossbows available do have their stats displayed, but remain invisible.
Any other posts will be removed.
Duh said:

For crashes please refer to the support sticky for support. That will help us keep an overview.

Since it takes quite a while to upload the pack to multiple mirrors, we decided to have it for the open beta available only on a couple of mirrors. With the full release we'll have it ready for download on more mirrors, as you're used of us.

Version: 2.5 Open Beta
Compatibility: 1.143
Download: Easyshare and MegaUpload
Download size: 971 MB
Unpacked size: 2.63 GB
Source: Easyshare and MegaUpload

Crocko, MegaUpload and Mediafire
Download size: 146 MB
Unpacked size: 687 MB

Caba`drin said:
MediaFire Mirror...maybe better luck for some of you, particularly in the Western Hemisphere.
This will bring you to a folder where the file is broken into 6 pieces. (Sorry--free account size limits. Again, monnikje has provided good sources for most users so try to use those first.) Download them all and extract the first (femp25beta.7z.001) with 7zip and all should go automatically.

EDIT - Patch 2 also found in this shared folder. After beta.001-.006 are unzipped by unzipping .001, then unzip the patch, replacing files as needed


Grandmaster Knight
Enjoy folks.  Remember the purpose of the beta is to make this the most stable release we can so there are bugs out there to find.  And as always the more information you can give on the circumstances of an error the easier it is to figure out why it is happening.  Screenshots are especially appreciated.

Follow our bug squashing here:



So came across what seems like a major bug. One of the first things I did was to load a character I used in the previous version so that I could use the money to purchase a ship to see how the new sailing feature works. A little bit in I was captured by see raiders since I had just got some recruit. It seems that once captured at sea it is impossible to escape. I did it twice to make sure it wasn't just a coincidence, it same result occurred.  Gave it about five minutes each time and no attempt at escape.

I also encountered another smaller bug with  I2 mercenary Spiessknechts. Their picture doesn't appear during conversation in the tavern or from the party menu, just a big white X. Checked two other mercenary types and didn't encounter it with them.


Escape is possible, though harder than normal. I will see if i can tweak this to work better.


First, Thanks for your hard work.  :grin: (creating such advanced mod isn't an easy thing to do)

OS: Windows7
Path to the game mod: C:\Mount&Blade Warband\Modules\Floris Expanded Mod Pack 2.5 Open Beta

Veteran warrior
Page in noble court
Lust for money and power

Expanded troops
Start in Swadia

Fog of war selected
Regroup companions selected

Quit without saving selected

- I have taken all companions (used cheat mode to get some money)

List of bugs:
- God I hate starting with a bow and spear !!!! (I know it isn't a bug but I still hate it  :mrgreen:, I have even manage to loose to the first bandit that attacks me ... please give me a sword, axe or mace, everything but a polearme)
- Fog of war is selected in the beginning screeen but not unchecked in the mod options (but it is active)
- After the first combat, Edwyn complains about someone but the date/time is indicated instead of the name of the companion he is complaining about. (I have turned off compaion complain after that)
- On the first quest, when I attack the kidnapper hideout, after we have killed a few looters, I am teleported and pop as a bandit, all my companion are against me (I had a huge laugh but companions are way to strong for me  :lol:) -> I had it to work fine one time but every other times I am running into the same issue
- starting in nord with the option listed on top, I was given a bow but cannot use it :sad:
- when I move mouse over items in my inventory, I get loads of red messages indicating script errors (It doesn't always happen and I still do not know how exactly)
Script error on opcode541:invalid partyID 341; line NO:88
at script: dplmc_get_trade_penalty
at script: dplmc_get_trade_penalty
at script: dplmc_get_trade_penalty

- when using random start, I get sometime no equipement I can use and end up having to fight hand to hand (got reaped by the bandit)
- in the characters review, all names appears in the familly list with a "no relation" indication (it is very confusing and unreadable)

Expanded Troop trees:
Swadian skirmisher A5  has crossbow skill and no archery when he is equipte with a bow
Swadian full plate doesn't look nice (personal opinion of course)

Nord tree is way too weak compared to others:
- no cavalery (I am ok with that)
- tier7 are weaker than other factions (when they are supposed to be THE powerful infantery ; that also mean better than cavalery dismounted)
- no decent archery (only a tier 4 without even a shield)
- 3 tier6 branches that are in my opinion useless: just average infantery without even a shield

Modified troop tree:
Swadian calavery is too powerfull compared to other nation troops (better than any other infantery even when dismounted)

Don't hesitate to tell me if I should report bugs in a different way  :wink:


I tried downloading from Megaupload, and I received 2428 errors saying the files are corrupt. Just an FYI. This was after trying to download from Mega for an hour because it was saying the file is unavailable.


Anybody being able to confirm that the megaupload version works, do so. It would verify that lintheads problem is infact a corrupted download - i.e. the uploaded files are fine, but got corrupted during his download for him.

Edit: In that case (looking at cabas post) - the upload at megauploads is confirmed working.


Duh said:
Anybody being able to confirm that the megaupload version works, do so. It would verify that lintheads problem is infact a corrupted download - i.e. the uploaded files are fine, but got corrupted during his download for him.
It was unavailable for me in the US until I used a UK proxy and then it downloaded fine and worked.

Caba`drin said:
MediaFire Mirror...maybe better luck for some of you, particularly in the Western Hemisphere.
This will bring you to a folder where the file is broken into 6 pieces. (Sorry--free account size limits. Again, monnikje has provided good sources for most users so try to use those first.) Download them all and extract the first (femp25beta.7z.001) with 7zip and all should go automatically.


Okay, I encountered three minor bugs and so far:
I don't know exactly what I picked as character background and do not know how to look it up, but it was something along the line of my father being a verteran, me being a smith's apprentice and a smith myself if I recall correctly. Anyways, this led to me starting with a bow without being able to use it, which is kinda nonsense, isn't it? Why do I take it with me in first place, then?
When told to gather up 5 men by the merchant in Sargoth, I did so and came across a hunter in a village and directly recruited him and the 4 Nord Bondi availiable. But two odd things about them: First of all, the hunter said: " You'll find no better trader than me". Shouldn't it be hunter?
And second, I couldn't start the quest as the merchant told me I had not enough men, but after recruiting some more Bondi it worked, so apparently the hunter wasn't added to that calculation.
The "leader" of the freelancers wasn't wearing any armor, but a plate helm, steel botts and steel gauntlets when I met him (I did not manage to find him again to check if it is always the case). Did he join the circle of the naked lords? :razz:

Anyways, great work, thank you very much for putting so much effort and time in this mod :grin:

Okay, is there some sort of ritual to welcome new recruits into a lords army? Cause I just joined up with Hersir Faarn of the Nords via the Freelancer option and the first thing that happened was that I had to fight his entire army on my own... After loosing I joind up with his army though, as intended.

Also, the Purple Viking Tunic looks a bit odd, reflecting to much light if you ask me XD

Another strange thing about being a freelancer: When my lord rushes to the aid of anything that isn't another Lords army (e.g. a caravan), I gain control of the caravans units, which shouldn't be the case, since I am only a soldier, ain't I?  :lol:

And I came across this, though I can't explain why it came up, I was just travelling around on the campaign map:

Another strange thing: Being on my own again, I cleared the bandit's hideout and got lots of food from their stash. But the food gives really odd changes to my party morale, I had it saying +0, +21,+123 and +909 added to force morale in the inventory  :lol: These odd numbers arent shown if I look at my force morale in the report menu though (at least not until now, a force morale of 909 would be fun though  :grin: )

The diplayed armor when you select the A3 Swadian Sergeant-at-arms in you party-screen looks odd.
Addition: It also looks odd on the battlefield  :lol:
Another bug about swadian equipment: The A4 Tracker does not wear any armor.

And about being a freelancer:
When getting into a battle, I can choose between take the field and charge the enemy. Take the field doesn't do anything thou, so the option should be disabled, shouldn't it?

I just got the message " couldn't load vikingweapons1_spec.dds" and "couldn't load vikingweapons1.dds" but I could keep on playing. Oh, it happened when I entered a battle agianst some Nords.

Okay, I am pretty sure there is something wrong about the stats of the I3 swadian vougier in the Expanded troop tree: All aattributes above 100? Agility of 236? I know that he is supposed to be anti-cav, but to make him faster than a horse is a bit op, isn't it?  :razz: (He rann after a fleeing horseman, chaught up and killed him, thats why I checked his stats in the first place  :lol: )
The stats of the Page and the Sergeant-at-arms are weird, too...


When I press at view troop-trees whilst using the expanded troop tree it now takes me into a strange screen allowing me to dictate peace terms. Viewing the troop-tree worked fine yesterday, idk what happened.
This is what the screen looks like: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198006638373/screenshot/596955603792811688?tab=public
If I demand some denars (e.g.) 1000, I get them (free money ftw), but if I demand more my relation to players faction detoriates?
Maybe I should add that I joined King Harlaus army as a freelancer  :neutral:

About free money, I just got 4 acres of land in Praven for free? Or do I get them as an extra payment by Harlaus?  :razz:

Some scrrenshot of the weitd texture of the Swadian Sergeant-at-arms armor:

I also get the feeling that enemy/friendly lords don't join battles properly whilst being a freelancer. Harlaus and his 200 men army just broke the siege of Praven by themselves against the host of the Nords, picking off one Lord after the other whilst the rest was watching... (maybe it's because I am in the army and they fear me  :lol: )

Count Rafach owns a lance, but he does not have a horse. I did not know that the Swadian economy was crashed that hard  :lol:

Okay, I now came across a game-breaking bug with freelancer:
After being in Harlaus army for quite a while, I felt it was time for more, so I walked up to him and offered my sword in vassalage.
As I had been the deadliest sword in his army, he gladly accepted and granted me my own fief.
But I am not able to leave his army  :mad:
I am still part of his army and travveling around with him, but when I pick "Request audience with your commander", I only get the options a Lord would (e.g. give up a fief etc.).
So I can't leave his army without revolting, which would be counter-productive, wouldn't it?  :grin:

Two things about the tournaments:
First of all the game sometimes states the betting odds to be 1:1 in my favour or against me :lol:
Second, I have a native bug back which has ot occured to me in Floris 2.4:
The "neverending tournament", meaning that I can join and win/loose (probably rather loose atm  :mad: )the tournament at Jelkala, than leave the town, come back and start the tournament anew.

Another thing:
After accepting the quest to hunt down the troublesome bandits, I immediately got the message that the mission failed as they had been destroyed by another party. But I could see them on the worldmap, though they were chased by the Rhodokian host  :lol:

And the merchant is a bit bad at counting: He keeps telling me that I shall rally more men since I have only five... But the quest says I should collect five men. (Actually I have 7 men in my party, but he does not seem to count companions nor wounded ones  :neutral: )

Edit 5:
Everytime I press take a walk around the streets in Durquba I get a CTD everytime without an errormessage (except for warband.exe topped working).

I just accepted the quest to kill some Looters in Narra, ran after a bunch of them, they got attacked by manhunters, I rushed in to aid, we killed them (actually killing looters feels like an achievement nowadays  :wink: ). The I went after a second party, killed them on my own, and went back to report. This is the screen I got:
Though I dont complain about the extra money and do think 40 denars is not enough for the work, it is a bit odd  :grin:

Whilst being in a tournament the phone rang, so I pressed ESC and went for it. When coming back and hitting ESC again, I could continue the tournament, but a wall of red text kept showing up till I had won (yes, I actually won the round! Today is my lucky day  :razz: ). This is a screen of the log:

Okay, I keep getting land out of nowhere. This time I got 2 acres of Land in Jelkala whilst being in Thir and not doing anything related to buying land at all. :?:

For some unknown reason I can't enter the Upgrade-trees-screen anymore, but instead get this error message:
(It only shows up once, but I pressed multiple times so it is easier to read)
Restarting the game doesn't solve the problem.

The autoselling system is kinda bugged, it keeps random items which are not over the price threshold, and the merchants have enough space and money for them.

The guildmaster of Uxhal is dancing on the table if there is some special troop recruitable:

I am on the quest to hunt down some bandits who raided a caravan. However, I accidentally pressed "I want to enlist in your army", and as I then said "Nope, just kidding" (kinda  :lol: ), he answered with " We saw those bastard 37 hours ago near...", which shouldn't be what he is saying, should it?

Edit 6:
When going for the camp menu, and clicking on auto-llot options, this is the screen I get:
But the first two options don't do anything cause I don't loot anybody right now, do they?

Edit 7:
The bug mentioned above about the CTD in Duruqba does not occur anymore, whatever sorcery caused it :???: Same savegame, same procedure, just no bug  :lol:

Edit 8, from now on I am using patch 1:
First of all, thanks for patching and especially thanks for allowing us to look at oyur progress whilst doing it =)
Most other dev-teams aer not that open with what they do, and it is great to watch a mod growing and be like: "Omg, they fixed the bug I reported, I helped them, I am so great!"  :lol:

However, I still have two of the bugs which were there before the patch:
1. The autoselling-feature still kepps random equipment, even though it is below the price threshold and the merchants have enough money and space for it.
2. The kidnapper's hideout does not despawn again and has new loot everytime.


Grandmaster Knight
SirNitram said:
The "leader" of the freelancers wasn't wearing any armor, but a plate helm, steel botts and steel gauntlets when I met him (I did not manage to find him again to check if it is always the case). Did he join the circle of the naked lords? :razz:
That's just how he rolls.  We keep giving him equipment and he keeps stripping it off again.


Im guessing a corrupted download. I would appreciate it if you gave a redownload a try.
I got the same problem as powerclick.


I downloaded from the mediafire servers, and it seems like there was no apparent corruption. I'll try again once more, but it seems like this error is not coincidental.

Edit: I'll let you guys know if the megaupload server gives the same error. If it doesn't, its either the mediafire version's fault, corrupted download (a little less likely, as 2 and possibly more people got this error by now), or maybe some other change to our basic settings (is that possible? I have ad1257 installed as well, but that wouldn't have anything to do with the other modules, right?)
i downloaded within 5 min of 2.5 being out from megaupload it has no starting problem, although i have noticed a bug with icons of certain items showing oddly and shields showing up with lots of static ill try to upload a screeny soon, as well as pointed out freelancer mod is acting strangely although in my experience i wasn't able to escape it was a never ending loop of fighting the army i just joined instead was sent back to battle prep screen with no options but charge.

The freelancer recruit person in tavern has the option to hire him to reside at my residence and i have no castle or anything
The view upgrade trees gives a error message when viewing at random times and doesn't open
The tournament after being bested spams errors and gets stuck, you can press esc during tournament
The merchant npc i thought was a merchant his dialogue was VERY confusing
A random sea raider in the desert... now thats odd some
Arena in Halmar has a bug i fell through the ground o_O sorta but moved and was fine think just cammera or my computer
Image of tournament error
Image of broken looking shield


WeaponsOfTheMass said:
The freelancer recruit person in tavern has the option to hire him to reside at my residence and i have no castle or anything
Good point. Currently he will show up at any fief you own if you dont have a court once you pay him. I will see that you can choose a tavern for him once you hire him.


I didnt noticed u need 1.434 it is working now...but say it near the download so more people will notice u need another version of the game :smile:


Grandmaster Knight
WeaponsOfTheMass said:
The tournament after being bested spams errors and gets stuck, you can press esc during tournament

Image of tournament error
In this image did you have the in-combat display option enabled?  And by bested what do you mean?  You died I take it?
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