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No, I didn't use any mods.


New patch today but no fix on this...... great.

Nope and **** Taleworlds at this point. They know about the bug clearly, they are willingly ignoring it and I am just incredibly pissed off at this point. They could have dropped a fix in this latest patch but nope. TW don't care. Well neither do I anymore, if there was any chance of me throwing money at this **** company for their **** DLC, it's gone out the window.

Already bought the game, been playing through the entire early access period and I feel like we have been used, abused, and ignored by this company that not only refuses to communicate with people (and modders too), but also refuses to fix bugs they have for sure known about since at least 1.8. At least.

Screw TW, they aren't getting any of my money when they release their crappy "elephant" DLC that someone leaked from their own files awhile ago lmfao


A modder has made a fix that you should attempt to use
Bless this mod author and bless you as well for giving us a heads up. This actually fixed it, TaleWorlds still leaving the problems it should solve to fans&modding community even after a "Full Relase" lol what a joke.
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