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Hello there Dear Devs,
I can truly say that I can't get enough of your wonderful game! Bannerlord has surpassed my expectations and now stands among my favorite titles!
My suggestion is simple: Why not have a flexible battle size settings for open fielsds and for sieges, just for the sake of performance optimizations. We all want large field battles, and your optimization of the game allows just that - many, many soldiers in a simple open steppe field, dessert or hilly forest. No problem there, the problems arise when we are trying to get a good performance at the siege battles, and as I have noticed battle size plays a big role there. So why not have one number in the settings for field battles, and another number setting for the sieges? This could save us some trouble trying to switch between those two, and will surely make a lot of other castle conquerors, like me, happy. Besides, sieges have a lot of tight spots with lots of bumping into crowds, so I don't really see the reason to have more than 500-600 soldiers at a time, overally (I mean you only have 2 siege towers after all :wink: ), as opposed to field battles where we all want to see thousands of troops.
But why stop there - we may have different performance preferrences for the field battles, for the sieges, and of course, for the scenes. We may want to enjoy a nice scene in the open flowery fields of Calradia, so we have a prepared scene settings for the maximum environment pleasure - foliage to very high, water reflections, high textures, etc. etc. But then your castle gets attacked, so you have another prepared settings for the siege battles - this time the focus will be on performance and not quality, so you have low shadows, environment to medium, less spark and less glamour, but a lot of wonderful, precious FPS. This could do wonders for the various lag spikes, stutter and slowness, which is something normal for an Early Access.
My point is that your game allows you for unique kinds of flexibility, so why not use them? Allow us to set different numbers for the troop sizes in battles and sieges, please!
Thank you for your attention and good work!


Community Manager
Hey @Yavor thank you for your suggestion. We thought that creating graphics settings for different missions isn't the best way to tackle this issue. Improving the performance in "heavy" missions and the game overall has been a constant effort and will continue to be that.
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