Flag holder person in formation?

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I noticed in my archer formation, the solider holding the flag is not one of my archers (because all my archers are empire archers), and he is NOT an archer
In previous game, normally a random archer holding the flag

so is that the new change in 1.2.7, a general made person who is going to hold the flag in formation?
I noticed this too. The banner holder used to be the lowest level troop in the group but now it's a troop that might not be in your group at all. For example, the banner holder in my archer group is a random battanian infantry of a type I don't even have in my party.
What infuriates me, is that because they are holding the banner and thus can't hold a bow, if you give a charge order to archers/mounted archers, the banner holder will keep going on suicide missions and they don't have a long range weapon they can use at a distance.

Can we please have the banner holder coded to only follow the rest of the group around and only retaliate when attacked unless a hold fire command is issued/the unit is out of ammo?
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