Fixing friendly AI suicidality in battle

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For friendly AI to hold or charge, or use worthless formations like circle for no reason until they die, regardless of what the other parties assisting are doing, is kind of ridiculous. Right now, if I join any army vs. army battle, I feel I am rolling dice unless my party can disproportionately influence the battle or win entirely on its own.

The AI should prefer staying near and doing what the majority of troops of their type are doing. If your party is the majority of troops, small groups of friendly AI should not be rushing into certain death. At the moment, the way the AI approach battles, HA/Cav are heavily favored for the player since otherwise you can't really adjust to their stupidity with enough mobility. Plus, they are more highly favored in autocalculation, and move faster on map.

Right now I will often hold in a defensive position and just allow friendly AI to suicide themselves, because it's not worth trying to help them until the enemy defeats one wave and charges the spawn area, where at that point at least they're meat shields for your troops and due to spawning mechanics you'll outnumber the enemy instead of being swarmed randomly. But it feels bad!

Ideally, even(won't happen but let me dream), friendly AI commands could be announced and you could attempt to veto and override them - this could even be something (small amounts of) influence is used for. It would certainly add a certain organic depth to combat. I would enjoy saying "How about NO" to stupid friendly AI commands on occasion.

Or, at the very least, some aspect of their AI should be more predictable. If I can at bare minimum expect the AI to hold a defensive position when the autocalc looks in the enemy's favor, that would help judge which fights are worth participating in.
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