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Too often you see literal peasant infantry competing in tournaments. They should not be allowed.

Logically, the way that teams work means that proper tournament fighters performance will be compromised by these trash tier units.
And this is absolutely reflected in game. You can win or lose depending on how much trash is competing on either side.

To add insult to injury, the way tournaments work is that if a team wins, every single person on that team goes through, meaning that peasants will make it to the final rounds very often. Too often is the final combatant a dirty peasant who is only there because he was lucky enough to be on the winning side. This is a joke.

In general there are too many random army units when there ought to be proper fighter units to compete with in tournaments.

I suggest restricting the units allowed to compete to be at a certain tier or adding dedicated tournament fighter units to balance out the tournaments a bit more.


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Starting a new game, you are nothing more than a peasant youself.

But I think there should be leagues. By performing well, you unlock higher leagues. higher leagues, higher challenge, higher rewards.

Arena fighters or gladiators is no bad idea.
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