First person view needs work

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A lot of people play this game in third person, including me. I only play fps for better aim with bows. And i feel like fps mode is untouched simce warband and the game is not designed for fps.

My main problems with current system is as follows:

1) In melee most of the time player doesn't have any reference of where his/her weapon is
2)Shield is blocking the view(tho this is realistic maybe there should be a button to quickly lover the shield and bringing back up)
3) I think arm 3d models have low poly an texture quality for fps immersion.

If these problems were not in the game probably plenty of players would try fps

In my opinion if tw decides to not improve fps they should remove it from the native mod and leave it to the modders because its not as good as a developer implemented feature, and as far as I remember Armağan Yavuz wants quality over quantity (thats why coop is not native)
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