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Base feature: Give player a village when he swears fielthy.

Just a basic village and it´s income.
The village is returned to to the clan owning the city/castle if it changes owning clan or if player is a awarded another castle/city.

Extendable features 1

Player can develop his stewardship abit, via "governing" it for some time.


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The game could also give "one home" to the character when "SAVE HIS BROTHERS" in the main mission and through a system of improvements you evolve it.
- home
- village without walls
- village with wooden palisade and doors
- village with solid walls
- palisade around the house
- solid walls around the house
- the house evolves into a castle with the village around it
- moat around the castle
- moat around the city
- expansion of the city with the creation of districts.
For each improvement the settlement will be considered:
Refuge-> village-> town / castle-> capital (when it will have both town and castle improvements) .

The improvements described are just an example and their listing does not imply an order of succession, although I have intended to give a semblance of reasonableness.


@darksoulshin Really cool idea! :smile: Do you mean we conquer the hideout, or where should this "home" be located? If Hideout, we could easely swap home/relocate by conquering another hideout(the old would be destroyed).


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Really cool idea! :smile: Do you mean we conquer the hideout, or where should this "home" be located? If Hideout, we could easely swap home/relocate by conquering another hideout(the old would be destroyed).
Why choose when you can have everything at the same price.
-We can receive it as an inheritance if we are of "rich" origins (therefore zero cost with a house already built but without walls).
-We can conquer it: we would have a shelter built, with a wooden fence and "tents" instead of the house. the tent will be improved in a wooden house and finally in a real house and then we will go on with the other improvements.
-we can have materials and money to build a wooden fence around the tent where we camp, making it a refuge that can be improved over time as described above.
If we have the skill smithing and engineering in our competences we can reduce the costs of all these improvements in terms of materials and money.
Obviously, when it comes to "shelters", these can vary from the settlement archetype we just talked about.
For example, the bandits near the coast have a cave as a refuge.
I believe that in these cases the improvements should be different.
Having a city carved into the rock or inside a large cave, even if unorthodox, would give a greater diversity of environment.
After all, calradia does not exist.


@darksoulshin Really nice suggestions! I really like the thought of a home, before having a fief and have thpught of this before asw(Base of Operation).

But where should this genereic home be located? In a current holding or as an own spot on the campaign-map?

Let it be ruined and infested by criminals when player first returns "home".

What about, after rescuing your siblings, get a new quest to attack ANY one hideout(or a gangleader in any town, if you want a town-estate) and (re)claim your home. That way the player can be strategic in the pick and the flavour can oversee the "ANY HIDEOUT" part and refer it as "YOUR HOME".


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I have described 3 different ways based on the social status of your clan and your character, directly related to the initial choices regarding your family.

Let's assume that a non-inherited shelter requires money and materials for its construction.

In the case of the inherited house, you could choose one of the quadrants of the map within the territory in which your family resided and therefore in a territory linked to the ethnic group to which you belong.
In this case, since it is inherited, it costs nothing and instead of a shelter you already have a house.

In the case of conquering a den of bandits you could attack any den on the map, but if you want the den in a specific position then you will have to wait for it to "pop up" in the desired quadrant.
In this case there are no costs in terms of materials and money, but on the other hand you do not have a built house (so you are at a lower level of improvement than the inherited house), but only fences with curtains inside, or a natural barrier like a cave or something like that, which will still be modifiable in the future.

If, on the other hand, you do not want to wait but want the refuge immediately, you can build it anywhere on the map.
But this will take money and materials (hardwood, tools, etc).

In all cases the "map" of the refuge / base will be the same as the quadrant in which it is built, simply the infrastructures you have built will be placed there.
Clearly you have to first look at the geography of the place before choosing, therefore, since in the patch that will be released, the 1.5.9, it was shown that the structure of the map has been divided into regions, each with its own scene, it could be allowed to character to "access" such scenes, which I suppose will be done when hunting and other such stuff will be introduced.
In this way the character can observe the place and decide whether he likes it or not.
Furthermore, in each of the scenes a "space" must be left for the construction of these shelters for the player.

For example, the shelter could also be built near a city. If the city belongs to your faction (if you belong to a faction), this will result in no penalty of any kind. Otherwise, if you don't belong to the faction that owns the city near which you built the shelter, then you will have increasingly greater diplomatic penalties as you increase the degree of fortification and economy of the shelter ... which would clearly be seen as a threat.

The same mechanics could also be exploited by bandits, who could build a camp in one of the scenes, with the same mechanics at our disposal.
These bandit camps will be built by those groups of bandits, large, who have the will to become something more and once the camp has been built or grown beyond a certain degree, until they attack someone, they must be considered neutral if they did not attack nobody.

The only problem, however solvable, would be that if they attacked some villagers of some other faction, this could very well invade the territory, because some diplomatic mechanics such as the "right of transit" are missing and also some mechanics that allow a weak faction are missing, in the minority or slower in moving, to counter one that is exactly the opposite of what is written.
But as I said, this problem could be solved with a suggestion that I wrote quite some time ago and that you find in the megathread below on my profile and I talk about the mechanics of logistics and supply lines.
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