Finish the story of Linos


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"Ever heard a story of a man with no end?" the old man asked with a grin on his face. He slowly looked around the tavern salle, closely inspecting everyone around. "No? Let me tell you then. The tale of Linos, the tale of a man that lost his end... There are many versions of this story, but only the one you are going to hear today contains the truth." the man paused for a while, curiously inspecting the silence in the room. He never stopped being amazed by the people living in Ratakar, the greatest empire outside of the Inner Circle and yet, still somewhat... modest - The only place in the world where bards were given tributes worth of kings, where any untold story had a greater value than a treasure full of gold. But why? Were the stories a treasure of its own kind? Maybe... Not even the greatest minds in the world could ever truly figure out why they esteem the stories so much.
The old man cleared his throat and continued his long monologue - his tender for the gifts he has been given.

"Long time ago... when gods weren't yet gods and when none of the kingdoms we currently know existed, there lived a man. This man never knew a defeat. He fought in battles no other man could, for he fought with his tongue and not a sword. He was known by many names, but his only true name was..."

Now, there comes the part where you guys should engage, continue the old man's story. You can also work with an audience if you feel like doing so. Just to point out (what you already probably figured out), I am not a great writer nor a native English speaker.

The story should be set in a fantasy medieval era and should end with the protagonist loosing his end - that could mean anything. I was thinking about not being able to die...

It's just a simple starting post to see if there are still some living souls out there in this sub-forum... :smile:


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"...Fendil the liar.  A liar was he, for he shared many tales, many of which were based on half truths.  But do not be deceived, for though he was a liar, his heart was of the purest, the most well intentioned.  Many lives were saved, many great kingdoms preserved in his time as he used his skill to alter truth and thus deceive the most powerful.  They say even gods could be made to serve, such was the power of his tongue."

"No doubt, many women shared such perspectives, Princesses, Queens.  It was not just his tongue, but his masterful intellect and 'other assets' that allowed him to comprehend the great politics, his knowledge of his enemies made his tongue so much sharper."


"All was well until one day, by happenstance, a disheveled Wizard arrived in Fendil's Kingdom. He was the only man in the Kingdom with which Fendil never spoke, and was supported by those nobles who had fallen upon bad times due to the Liar's tongue. Peasants and cattle were seen to be missing upon daybreak, with some rumors circulating that the Wizard himself was the abductor. Strange screams came from his laboratory daily while the Wizard never spoke a word, at least that anyone common heard.

The status quo continued for months, with Fendil being magically frustrated by his inability to gain the Wizards confidence. This Wizard knew of Fendil's trickery and deceit which, even though it ended in the betterment of the common folk, destroyed the accumulated privileges of the upper classes. The warrior nobility and the Magi of the land. It is said that one night while Fendil was fast asleep after a farcical night of passion with a midget bride something blew down the door with a gale that shook the castle to its foundations. He had not come through the main gate, or passed by any guards. In fact no one else in the castle discovered any misdeeds until the next morning whereupon a maid servant found the midget bride frozen in fear, still awake in fear of whatever horror had consumed Fendil that night..."