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Fine, Masterwork, Legendary Weapons?

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Joe Friday

I have a quick question. How does one tell if the weapon the player creates is a fine, masterwork or legendary weapon? I'm sure it's staring me in the face. Whenever I create two handed sword for instance, all it ever says is crafted two handed sword. It never says fine two handed sword etc. I don't have legendary unlocked yet as I'm 273 skill but I should have the other two unlocked.
Its based on the Bonuses you get after crafting.

Fine is like +3, Masterwork is +5 and Legendary is +10.

So you will see a small bonus to stats on the weapon, add up the total and you'll know what it is.

Joe Friday

Thanks for the replies! Ok, I have noticed the + stats when making weapons. Is there a way to rename the weapons once crafted?
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