Financially insolvent in mid-late game

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I'm currently king of Pendor (Empire Culture), with only Ravenstern remaining (I control the rest of the map). I hold four towns and two castles, and have a dyeworks in every town. I can personally field almost 1k top-tier troops, and can solo any spawn except for Eyegrim and the Noldor Lords.

Unfortunately, I routinely lose 20-40k denars a week on just troop upkeep. I am so constantly impoverished that I am completely reliant on ransoming unique spawns for diamonds, not Qualis Gems, just to stay financially solvent. If no spawns come, I almost immediately plummet tens if not hundreds of thousands of denars into debt.

First of all, how do I increase the Unique Spawn rate? I know I'm supposed to ask around for rumors, but is there more to it than that? Secondly, is there any better way to get money? Something I'm missing? I would love to be able to get qualis gems for cool stuff but I literally cannot afford to.


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Your problem is that you are spread too thin. You have way to many fiefs to cover with troops and if you're 'fielding' and not garissoning 1k troops, theres an issue. You will be paying out your ass.

Putting troops in garrisons (fiefs) will cut their upkeep cost by 50% and you can also do a certain quest to get more room for that kind of thing, The Old Tale.

You need to give away your fiefs to Lords as soon as possible,it will make them stronger and it will be less you have to worry about protecting as those fiefs will be supplied by their lords.

Your literal issue is too many troops. Cut it back until you break even or make income. the mod was not designed for you to horde 1k units with a great handful of them being top tier. You'll have to cut your losses or cheat.