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I finally broke down and spent the $50 for the game, I guess I can go a couple of days without Rum (*).
The file is huge though...something like 60Gb! I feel like I am going to enjoy this Medieval game for a long time, just like I enjoyed Rome 2 TW and Medieval 2 TW. Mod friendliness has been one of the major attributes that made me shell out the dough.

Thank you,

(*) just kidding.
I only have a few games on my SSD, ones I continually play ..Bannerlord, WB, CIV5, M2TW, IL2 Sturmovik, Rise of Flight. The rest are gone.

You won't be disappointed with your purchase considering how many games you'll probably play, how many mods you'll enjoy etc.



I am currently playing the crap out of Naval Action, it's been my go to game for the past couple of years. I dabble with War Thunder a little, but mostly glorious tall ships.

I like games with Modding potential, it allows for a lot of replay-ability.
Speaking of naval action, which I'm not really into, but I love watching YouTube videos from WolfPack345, he's currently playing "War on the Sea" - WW2 pacific - coral sea battle action - Excellent.

Plus I use to watch many videos on "cold Waters" - modern Sub action - Excellent.

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